Enjoy peace of mind with World Horse Welfare membership for insurance while supporting horses in need *Promotion*

  • We all know that horses can be an expensive pastime. So, with the rising day-to-day costs of horse care, the benefits of horse insurance mustn’t be underestimated. There are lots of reasons why people take out horse insurance, but World Horse Welfare members cite peace of mind as a priority when insuring their much-loved horses. A single World Horse Welfare policy can cover all the horses in your care**, from a child’s pony, to an ageing companion.

    Become a World Horse Welfare member

    Louise has World Horse Welfare ChampionPlus with Veterinary cover and says: “I’ve had horses all my life and so know how susceptible they are to accidents – even if they’re just grazing in the paddock. Insuring my old boy – who is really just a field ornament these days – reassures me that he’s covered. It’s my way of planning for the unexpected.”

    Why do people choose to insure through World Horse Welfare? Every policy bought though the charity helps a horse in desperate need. Horses just like Moomin, who was discovered in a scrap yard, surrounded by rubbish with no food or water. She was desperately underweight, covered in lice and had little chance of survival.

    Thanks to World Horse Welfare members, her life has been transformed. She was rescued and brought to the safety of the charity’s Norfolk rescue and rehoming centre where she was given the care and compassion that every horse deserves. Choosing to insure through World Horse Welfare helps hundreds of horses like Moomin every year.

    Moomin after

    From personal accident insurance and public liability insurance, to veterinary fee cover for equine accidental external injury, anyone owning, loaning or caring for a horse can feel confident that they’re covered should something go wrong from just 18p per day***.

    Become a World Horse Welfare member

    * T&Cs apply

    ** No vets fees cover for horses younger than 30 days

    *** Price is inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

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