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    Gastric ulcers in horses are a prevalent yet often underestimated health concern, affecting equines of all ages, breeds, and disciplines. These ulcers can quietly develop within the sensitive lining of a horse’s stomach, owing to a variety of factors such as stress, high-grain diets, intense exercise, and irregular feeding patterns. Horses, by nature, possess a digestive system designed for continuous foraging. Prolonged periods without access to forage and high-stress situations emerge as prime contributors to the development of gastric ulcers. Although signs may vary, they can encompass behavioural changes, reduced appetite, poor performance, and heightened abdominal sensitivity.

    In recent years, the realm of veterinary science has unveiled an eye-opening statistic: a staggering 60% of horses grapple with gastric discomfort, with 40% of them displaying no overt signs1. This revelation underscores the pressing need to take proactive measures in guarding against stomach acid-related issues, which can ultimately culminate in colic and a decline in equine performance. It serves as an unequivocal call to action for horse owners to prioritise preventative care as a cornerstone of their equine companions’ well-being.

    One significant step in this direction is the inclusion of a complementary feed designed to mitigate stomach acid levels and fortify the sensitive inner lining. Audevard, a distinguished name in the world of equine health, has introduced EKYGARD+, a groundbreaking product developed with a profound understanding of the challenges associated with gastric discomfort. EKYGARD+ boasts an advanced triple gastric protection solution, featuring the Pectigard Complex comprising pectin and lecithin, magnesium hydroxide, sea buckthorn berries, and probiotics. What sets this product apart is its formulation in accordance with the recommendations of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine (ECEIM), a college of equine veterinarians which specialise in gastric issues, thus setting a new benchmark in the management of equine gastric discomfort. All the ingredients endorsed by the ECEIM for the management of gastric discomfort in horses find their place in EKYGARD+.

    Scientifically validated to provide a triple layer of protection for the equine stomach, EKYGARD+ excels in controlling acid levels, preserving a healthy stomach lining, and nurturing the growth of beneficial bacteria. Beyond these pioneering benefits, EKYGARD+ underscores its commitment to respecting the natural physiology of horses. This is achieved through the exclusion of animal-based components, the absence of artificial colours, and a minimisation of sugar content, ensuring that the product aligns with the principles of responsible equine care.

    Audevard remains resolute in its mission to provide horses with the highest standard of care and comfort. With the introduction of EKYGARD+, this commitment reaches new heights. The product is available in various sizes, catering to the diverse needs of horse owners. Options include 2.4kg, 6kg, and 14kg containers, each designed to accommodate varying durations.

    EKYGARD+ isn’t just another supplement; it signifies a significant leap forward in equine digestive health. It offers horse owners the opportunity to enhance the lives of their equine companions with the most scientifically researched and superior product on the market. As the equestrian world recognises the paramount importance of proactive equine health management, EKYGARD+ stands as a symbol of excellence, promising happier, healthier, and more comfortable lives for our cherished equine partners.

    For more information and pricing details on EKYGARD+, please visit https://en.audevard.com, where you can explore the transformative potential of this exceptional supplement.

    EKYGARD+ 2.4kg £103.10, 6kg £206.40, and 14kg £471.70

    More about Audevard: Audevard is one of the world’s leading veterinary and nutraceutical laboratories dedicated to advancing equine health. With a commitment to rigorous research, innovation, and quality, Audevard strives to provide horse owners and equine veterinarians with the most advanced products to safeguard their horses’ well-being.

    1 Niedzwiedz A. and al. Endoscopic findings of the stomach in leisure horses. Acta Vet Scand, 2013, Jun 7, 45-55

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