Wiltshire Area BDS and Festival of Carriage Driving results, 26-27 September

  • Ride & drive.— 1, K Dayer’s Bunnie. exercise vehicles.— 1 & ch, The Smith Bros’ Royal Sunshine (L Smith); 2, J White’s Splash. young driver 14 yrs & over.— 1, Royal Sunshine; 2, Splash (Z White). concours d’elegance.— 1, Bunnie. pleasure driving.— 1, Splash; 2, Watershed RDA’s Daisy (C Scarborough). private driving.— 1 & res, C Benford’s Red Admiral; 2, Bunnie. private driving with show drive.— 1, P Guest’s Charlie; 2, Splash; 3, R Kent’s Mulberry. private driving reg Welsh.— 1, A Townsend’s Typentre Daffydd Ddu. private driving hackney.— 1 & ch, Royal Sunshine; 2, P Holcombe’s Westbourne Highflyer. veteran.— 1, Splash; 2, Bunnie. novice pony: hackney.— 1 & res & hackney ch, D Vyse’s Heartland Bellringer; 2, Mr and Mrs Turner’s Heartland Like A Charm (G Turner); 3, Mr & Mrs G McIntosh’s Extremely Irresistible (S Barraclough). open pony.— 1, J Quigg’s Heartland Advantage (G Turner); 2, Extremely Irresistible. nov horse.— 1 & hackney res, P Vyse’s Luddington Maestro; 2, D Vyse’s Sunbeam Sweet Intentions (S Barraclough). open horse.— 1, Luddington Maestro; 2, Sunbeam Sweet Intentions. hackney to a gig.— 1, Westbourne Highflyer.

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