Taunton Vale team chasing results, 14 March

  • Open.— 1, The Centaurs (T Berry, R Mitford-Slade, B Burbidge, D Schneiders) 6.39; 2, Exmoor Beasties (D Trayford, R Trayford, J Cooksley, L Hastings) 7.01; 3, Haydon’s Hussies (M Heuff, H Webb, M Wilkes, C Pethy) 7.07; 4, Relentless Fight the Ban (B Pauling, R Cope, D Gittins, M Stewart-Wood) 8.05. intermediate (speed).— 1, Point 2 TopSpec Close Shavers (A Brown, P Still, M Cramb, D Manning) 5.12; 2, The Farmers Bloodhound Babes (G Wright, S Coady, E Wass, C England) 5.20; 3, New Prospects (S Scriven, A Vellacott, S Hasel, M Milne) 5.31; 4, Mostly Mad 5.31; 5, Wishful Thinkers 5.37; 6, More Details To Follow 5.48. intermediate (bogey).— 1, Four Grumpy Old Men (G Persey, M Williams, M Chambers, T Hawkins) 6.27; 2, Ifs And Buts II (I Richards, H Reason, K Hall, S Hall) 6.28; 3, Staghounds Anonymous (A Batstone, M Latchford, J Brown, L Noel) 6.47; 4, Cradley Chasers 6.23. fun (bogey).— 1, Monmouthshire Four Fitz (F Fitzpatrick, B Fitzpatrick, R Fitzpatrick, M Fitzpatrick) 7.03; 2, The Young Ones (H Frith, B Chambers, G Alsop, S Simonson) 7.06; 3, Up To No Good (J Champion, R Savage, E Apps, W Shepherd) 6.57; 4, Old Fools On Horses 6.36; 5, Bratitude 6.44; 6, Sid & Otter Rotters 6.35.

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