Taunton Vale Foxhounds team chasing results, 15 March

  • Chesterton Humberts open qualifier.— 1, The Boring Gorings (F French, N Fuller, L Adams, B Allen) 6.05.04; 2, Relentless Fight The Ban (B Pauling, D Gittins, R Cope, R Mason) 6.16.1; 3, Centaurs (T Berry, R Mitford-Slade, D Allers-Hankey, B Burbidge) 6.18.9; 4, Wishful Thinkers Too (S Coady, V Heal, D Wethered) 7.00.8; 5, Past & Present (T Riall, M Felton, L Rawling, B Moger) 7.26.0; 6, Taunton Vale Babes (B Burbidge, L Amor, C Peppe) 7.44.2. inter bogey (sec A).— 1, Berkeley Blazers (R Hopkins, C Newman, F Poole, S Meredith) 6.29; 2, Devon Divas (C Llewellyn, J Bosley, C Lowes, D Lowes) 6.32; 3, The Three Stooges (A Wilks, B Van-Sommeron, B Burbidge, H Pavey) 6.34; 4, Trying to Pull Prince Harry (R Parson, H Mitchell, S Beere, E Brooke); 5, Hurry Up Henry (B Gawler, E Gawler, L Luxton) 6.42; 6, Monmouth Sox Hunters (D Thomas, G Yeomans, R Beech) 6.58. inter speed (sec B).— eq1, Farmers Bloodhounds (Y Goss, L Wood, D Gittins, S Coady) & The Wishful Thinkers (S Coady, C Stewart, S Radbourne, L Seidel) 5.14; 3, Hot Totty & A Tosser (R Mitford-Slade, J Lazenby, S Elliot) 5.38; 4, Teme Valley Tigers (S Myhill, A Bronwin, N Wenban, C Furness) 5.49; 5, Hampton Hedge Hoppers Two (M Williams, M Slingsby, L Stamp, R Mills) 6.01; 6, New Prospects (S Hasell, S Scriven, M Milne, T Brown) 6.10. nov fun.— 1, Another One Bites The Dust; 2, Bellamy’s Babes; 3, Silverton Hunt Pony Club; 4, Nice Movers; 5, The Old Field Gang; 6, Dave Clark 4.

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