Pony Club Championships open results, 14-17 August

  • Eventing: open team.— 1, South Nottinghamshire (J Hale, A Walters, A Hardstaff, Z Brennan) 125.78; 2, Belvoir Hunt (A Scholl, A Van Doom, G Buntine, F Henderson) 160.31; 3, Eridge Hunt (A Port, A Earee, L McLusky, E Erde) 181.07. ind (sec A).— 1, Magic Mouse (A Scholl, Belvoir Hunt) 34.04,0,0=34.04; 2, Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier (K Russell, Iveagh) 32.12,0,3.6=35.72; 3, My Mare Mavis (Z Heathcote, North Warwickshire) 35.19,8,0=39.19. (sec B).— 1, Star Of Moate (A Taylor, Lauderdale Hunt) 40,0,0.8=40.8; 2, Look Out Mr Tom (C Potiphar, South Oxfordshire Hunt (South)) 35.19,8,0=43.19; 3, Watermill Vince (A Martin, North Norfolk) 33.85,12,2=47.85. (sec C).— 1, Animation II (L Hamilton, East Essex Hunt) 38.08,4,0=42.08; 2, Spring Sunrise (H Murphy, Chiddingfold Farmers) 34.04,4,5.6=43.64; 3, My Carazan (A Hardstaff, South Nottinghamshire) 43.65,4,0=47.65. (sec D).— 1, Latino K (Z Brennan, South Nottinghamshire) 30.58,4,0=34.58; 2, Extra Ice (F Henderson, Belvoir Hunt) 36.92,4,0=40.92; 3, Leo Z (A Kneen, East Cornwall Hunt) 35.19,8,0=43.19. (sec E).— 1, Toto (N Whitmore, Scunthorpe & District) 33.08,4,0=37.08; 2, Cousin Jack (E Brown, East Antrim) 39.23,0,0=39.23; 3, Springleaze Rhapsody (G Dibble, VWH Hunt) 40.96,0,0=40.96. showjumping: open team.— 1, Garth Hunt (L Toomey, A Halstead, K & K Grimster); Easton Harriers Hunt (A Haley, C Winchester, P Ash, M Edmundson); 3, Iveagh (S Adamson, S Hall, C Troughton, A Hylands). ind.— 1, Piccanto (A Hylands, Iveagh); 2, All Rise (A Halstead, Garth Hunt); 3, Eliza Doolittle (I Murray, Atherstone Hunt). associates.— 1, Tip Top Tommy (A Haley, Easton Harriers Hunt); 2, One Diamond (K Grimster, Garth Hunt); 3, Finnisk Ventura (L Hardy, Western Hunt). dressage: open team.— 1, Mendip Farmers’ Hunt (A Armstrong, K Hurley, L Provenzano, C Armstrong); 2, South Wold Hunt (North) (A Woodhead, L Norton, J Griffiths, H Woodhead); 3, East Cheshire (S Foxall, H Leech, C Vell, A Daniel). ind (arena A).— 1, Prince Paranga (A Armstrong, Mendip Farmers’ Hunt) 69.7; 2, Dawn Catcher (G Warden, Avon Vale Hunt) 68.18; 3, Irish Kate (F Woodward, Atherstone Hunt) 66.52. (arena B).— 1, Cherokee Brave (N Ireland, Oxenholme) 70.3; 2, Forge Star (L Norton, South Wold Hunt (North) 66.67; 3, Mistaken Identity (D Hodnett, Tiverton Hunt) 66.21. (arena C).— 1, Onno (G Hatton-Brown, Vine Hunt) 66.52; 2, Mr Chips (L Flood, South Durham Hunt) 66.36; 3, Fine Feathers (L Provenzano, Mendip Farmers’ Hunt) 65.15. (arena D).— 1, The French One (H Woodhead, South Wold Hunt (North)) 67.88; 2, Tobias (A Daniel, East Cheshire) 64.55; 3, Victor W (J Marshall, West Kent (Sevenoaks)) 63.94. (arena E).— 1, Seren Benfro (J Hill, Eridge Hunt) 71.82; 2, Siepke’s Celtic (R Smith, Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire Hunt) 69.39; 3, Cloncolman Lad (T Grant, Mendip Farmers’ Hunt) 69.24. (arena F).— 1, Don Clyde (L Halstead, Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt) 70.61; 2, Leonties Double (B-R Horobin, Essex Union South) 70; 3, False Alibi (H Roberts, Croome Hunt) 66.67. ride-off.— 1, Prince Paranga 70.55; 2, Leonties Double 68.3; 3, Siepke’s Celtic 67.7. combined training competition (class 1).— 1, Kate McClaren (L Ritchie-Bland, Zetland Hunt); 2, Rockstar III (L Benson, Barlow Hunt); 3, Ali Gee (A Lucas, East Cornwall South). (class 2).— 1, Grace & Favour (H Leech, East Cheshire); 2, Whisper Sweet Nothing (J Brown, East Essex Hunt); 3, Tintwistle Topgun (A Barber, Saddleworth & District). dressage to music: open ind.— 1, Griffin VI (J Gundry, Cotley Hunt) 75.33; 2, VIP (B Payne, Atherstone Hunt) 74; 3, Lord Michaelmas Magna (D Tilely, Atherstone Hunt) 72. int ind.— 1, Mr Incredible (A O’Mara, Linlithgow & Stirlingshire) 75.69; 2, Wexford Noble Hero (D Coakley, Old Berkeley Hunt (North) 73.67; 3, Briggview Bishops Gem (G Miller, Staintondale Hunt) 72.33. nov ind.— 1, Jasper (A Coppen, Old Berkeley Hunt (Chilterns) 74.33; 2, Milfields Flight (I Chaplin, West Kent Hunt (Meopham)) 72.67; 3, Jonker’s Metyo (E Harding, Banwell) 71. ride-off.— 1, Mr Incredible 76.3; 2, Griffin VI 74.67; 3, Jasper 72. associates.— 1, Strauss IV (A Sparkes) 67.33; 2, Oscar Award (S Gibson) 67.33; 3, Woltaire (J Englishby) 99.5. pairs.— 1, Spartacus & Albert (L & J Spence, Atherstone Hunt) 89.5; 2, Blue Boy & Mr McGowan (A & S Croxton, Atherstone Hunt) 85.5; 3, Carnigwen Principality & Milfields Flight (L Seymour & I Chaplin, West Kent Hunt (Meopham)) 85.5. family pairs.— 1, Damson & Melody (B & N Kerslake, Atherstone Hunt) 85.5; 2, Jonker’s Metyo & Jeffrey (E Harding & J Sholl-Evans) 77. centre equitation: team.— 1, Talygarn Equestrian Centre (Z Morgan, M Greaves, C Reakes, S Blake); 2, Mobberley Riding School (H Ward, T Lavin, J Flynn, S Hall); 3, Naburn Grange Riding Centre (R Livsey, K Houlston, S Adams, F Gough). (sec A).— 1, C Abuteir (Seechem Equestrian Centre); 2, H Ward (M Riding School); 3, R Livsey (N Grange Riding Centre). (sec B).— 1, E Staples (Croxteth Park Riding Centre II); 2, T Lavin (Mobberley Riding Centre); 3, H Willcox (Barnston Riding Centre I). (sec C).— 1, C Reakes (Talygarn Equestrian Centre); 2, A Cole (Croxteth Park Riding Centre I); 3, J Flynn (Mobberley Riding School). (sec D).— 1, S Blake (Talygarn Equestrian Centre); 2, Becky Honour (Low Fold Equestrian Centre); 3, C Mote (Seechem Equestrian Centre). horse and pony care: snr.— 1, Deeside (H Goddard, R Adam, S Wiseman); 2, Atherstone Hunt (H Wyles, J Smith, H May); 3, Old Berkshire Hunt (V Beviere, A Finch, J Humphrey). jnr.— 1, Chipping (V Hargreaves, E Whittle, J Mellin); 2, Cheshire Hunt South (E Birch, A Ford, A Holden); 3, Suffolk Hunt (C & G Walker, H Cutler).

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