Hackney Breed Show driving results, 7-11 June

  • Pony y’ling colts (R Connolly, A Grant, A James).— 1 & ch, R Carter’s Wildcourt Little Rebel; 2, P Holcombe’s Aghaderg Image Is Everything; 3, G Horst’s Heemhoeves Prince Caspian. fillies.— 1 & res & res, R Walker’s Noddyvyse She’s Fine; 2, D Vyse & C Vyses’ Noddyvyse Film Star; 3, Peters family’s Aghaderg Peters. 2yo pony stallions.— 1 & ch & ch, Noddyvyse Sky’s The Limit. 3yo.— 1 & res, J Chicken’s Stapleford First Edition; 2, A & B Wards’ Aghaderg Another Hero; 3, Wildcourt Little Spotlight. 2yo pony mares.— 1 & ch & ch & res sup pony, D Vyse’s Noddyvyse Tia Maria; 2, J Cresswell’s Wildcourt Little Angel; 3, J Wenham’s Forewood Flourette. 3yo.— 1, A & B Wards’ Luddington Little Gem; 2, D Vyse’s Noddyvyse What’s My Name. pony mare.— 1, E & D Vyses’ Sunbeam Touch of Class; 2, A Ongley’s Cowstead Little Gem. snr pony mare.— 1 & res, Peters family’s Brookfield Classic Lady; 2, D Vyse’s Heartland In My Heart. snr pony stallion.— 1 & ch & sup pony & sup animal, L Pittaway and R Carters’ Hurstwood Comet; 2, Peters family’s Aghaderg Stand And Deliver. best pony bred by exhibitor.— 1, Noddyvyse Tia Maria. produce group ponies bred by the same sire.— 1, J Cresswell’s Finchurst Little Rascal; 2, D Boyd’s Heartland Mighty Fine; 3, P Trimble’s Sunbeam Vindicator. group, same dam.— 1, J Cresswell’s S S Precious; 2, P Trimble’s Stapleford Cinderella; 3, G Horst’s Convictions Memory. y’ling colts.— 1 & ch, Walsh family’s Marylind Flash Harry; 2 & res, T Thomas’s Deigratia Extravaganza; 3, Mr & Mrs R Stocktons’ Halloughton Hussar. fillies.— 1, A Sparrowhawk’s Grandshore Illustrious; 2, Mr & Mrs B Stocktons’ Halloughton Hoodoo; 3, B & G Murrays’ Hamewith Bouncing Girl. 2yo stallion.— 1, A & J Sparrowhawks’ Grandshore Revelation; 2 & res, B Baker’s Jetset Joker. 3yo.— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs E Walsh’s Marylind Heartbreaker; 2, J & E Sayers’ Plains Timeless. 2yo mares.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs F Walsh’s Marylind My Fair Lady; 2, J Sayers’ Perrybridge Diamond Queen. 3yo.— 1 & ch & ch & res horse, E Ward’s Wentworth Tiffany; 2, Peters family’s Brookfield Ellens Dream; 3, J Wenham Snr’s Forewood Christine. mare.— 1 & res, P Vugts’s Sea Lodge Lady Joice; 2, J Clayton’s Gaytons Shining Star; 3, W Murrel’s Nutfields Warrior Princess. snr stallion.— 1 & ch & sup horse & res sup animal, Mr & Mrs E Walsh’s Marylind Question Mark; 2 & res, W Stubbs’ Plains William; 3, W Murrell’s Nutfields the Contender. best horse bred by exhibitor.— 1, Marylind Question Mark. produce group bred by same sire.— 1, Mr & Mrs E Walsh’s Southsides Equalizer; 2, E Ward’s Wentworth Harlequin. group, same dam.— 1, Mr & Mrs E Walsh’s Borthwood Uptown Girl; 2, J & A Sparrowhawk’s Highmoor Serena. nov pony not exc 12.2hh (J Chicken, G Docking, L Hazlett).— 1, J Osborne’s Heartland Lone Star; 2 & res, W Stubbs’ Seamair Showman; 3, A & B Wards’ Westbourne Hallmark. exc 12.2hh.— 1 & ch, R d’Achard van Enschut’s Heartland Top Of His Class; 2, R Walker’s Perrybridge Sandman; 3, G & C McIntosh’s Extremely Irresistable. open pony not exc 12.2hh.— 1 & ch harness pony, G Van Nispen’s Sunbeam Victory; 2, G Haffenden’s Aghaderg Supreme Demonstrator; 3, J Cresswell’s Perrybridge Challenger. exc 12.2hh.— 1 & res ch harness pony, E Ward’s Westbourne Hi Tech; 2, M Denness’s Heartland Top Of The Class. nov horse not exc 15hh.— 1, W & V Gills’ Madges Last Wonder; 2, T Howard’s Borthwood Fancy Ribbons; 3, P Van Nispen’s Magic Kentucky Boy. exc 15hh.— 1 & ch & res harness horse, F & C Vyses’ Luddington Maestro; 2 & res, P Vugts’ Sea Lodge Lady Joice; 3, D Breaker’s Bally Holly. open horse not exc 15hh.— 1, J Wenham Snr’s Forewood Braveheart; 2, P Gray’s Wentworth Ebony; 3, L Huckriede’s Forewood Sir John. exc 15hh.— 1 & ch harness horse, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 2, S Wormald’s Atlowsprings Ratafia; 3, W Stubbs’ Plains William. pony private drive.— 1 & ch, J Dudley-Apicella’s Brookfield Showtime; 2, Mr & Mrs G McIntosh’s Neon Rocket; W Stubbs’ Prince. horse.— 1 & best opposite, J Rowe’s Brookeborough Stepping Star; 2, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince; 3, C Moreau & M Hills’ Wentworth Minstrel. amateur pony not exc 12.2hh (C Ambrose, R Connolly, E Ward).— 1, D Vyse’s Sunbeam One More Time; 2 & ch, P Grauman & Y Velsens’ Discovery; 3, F Vyse’s Stapleford Pride & Joy. exc 12.2hh.— 1, R d’Achard van Enschut’s Heartland Starlighter; 2, S Hood’s Heartland Unexpected; 3, A Ongley’s Cowstead Little Gem. amateur horse not exc 15hh.— 1, Borthwood Fancy Ribbons. exc 15hh.— 1 & best opposite, W Stubbs’ Plains William; 2, M Hardy’s Sam Van Semarang; 3, Mr & Mrs R Allen’s Borthwood Unique. amateur ladies.— 1, Heartland Starlighter; 2, Discovery. international pony.— 1, Seamair Showman; 2, D Vyse’s Heartland Bell Ringer; 3, Heartland Real Deal. international horse.— 1, Plains William; 2, N Turner’s Runwell Magics Girl; 3, P Vugts’ Shanie Strikeler. double harness (G Docking, A James).— 1, P Vugts’ Heartland Real Deal & Heartland Starlighter. ridden.— 1, J Tuccio’s Perrybridge Sapphire; 2, Wentworth Minstrel; 3, Mr & Mrs E Walsh’s Marylind Executive. jnr whip.— 1, Master Peters’ Fitzs The Player; 2, Master Haffenden’s Aghaderg Supreme Demonstrator; 3, Miss Barnes’ Baldwins Black Prince. light trade.— 1, Mr & Mrs R Allen’s Borthwood Unique.

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