Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase team chasing results, 10 October

  • Pickworths open qualifier.— 1, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, H Moodie, L Siedel, R Mason) 2.60.06; 2, Boring Gorings (F French, L Adams, N Fuller, B Allen) 3.47.76. KBIS intermediate.— 1, Rowe Referral Racers B (T Rowe, N Rowe, J McGuire) 3.22.1; 2, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds (Y Goss, S Coady, S Radbourne, A Bealby) 3.23; 3, Point Two Top Spec Close Shavers (A Brown, A Brown, M Cramb, P Thomason) 3.25; 4, Equiform Farmers Bloodhound Babes (G Wright, H Watson, C Nicholls, S Coady) 3.26; 5, Them And Us (B Pauling, M Wall, L Cope, C Cotton) 3.28.78. Philip Ross novice cubhunter (bogey time).— 1, The All Blacks (H Jordan, M Jordan, N Saunders, C Burrows) 4.33; 2, Peak Performers (P Roelich, E Cross, A Walters, K Macrae) 4.31; 3, Bridleless Not Brainless (M Smith, J Taylor, G McKewan, B Shaw) 4.31; 4, Piston Broke (S Nunn, K Jack, A Neeshan) 4.31; 5, Northend Nutters (V Thame, R Thame, C Getley, V White) 4.38; 6, Bicester Bitches (AB Taylor, S McNab, L Jenkins, M Jenkins) 4.28.

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