Whitaker family make history

  • John Whitaker is teaming up with son Robert, daughter Louise and brother Michael to form a Nations Cup team. The family quartet are set to compete in CSIO Drammen, Norway from 21 – 24June 2001.

    Robert Smith joined father Harvey in 1979 to become the first family members in a Nations Cup team when they competed on the American Fall Circuit.

    The Whitaker family were invited to compete at Drammen after their successful campaign at CSI-A Mauberge in April and Robert Whitaker’s senior Nations Cup debut with father John at CSIO La Baule in May.

    Michael Bullman, chairman of international affairs said, “I think it’s a great opportunity for the Whitaker family. Unfortunately, our international budget this year does not permit us to fund a British team to compete at the show, but I understand that the Whitaker team have been sponsored to attend and they have my full support and I hope they are successful.”

    The Nations Cup competition in Drammen takes place on Saturday 23 June 2001 with the Grand Prix on Sunday 24 June 2001.

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