Top German trainer to visit Britain

  • Those interested in watching some of Britain’s top younger riders being trained by one of the world’s best should not miss the BSJA Coaches’ Conference at Addington Manor EC, Bucks on Wednesday, 3 November.

    German team member and trainer Hauke Luther will lead the conference, which will focus on the preparation and training of the young show jumper.

    Hauke began his career in dressage, progressing to becoming European young riders show jumping champion in 1986. He trained with Karsten Huck, Herbert Mayer, Fritz Ligges and Hans-Gunther Winkler.

    A regular visitor to British shows, Hauke travelled to England earlier this year to act as one of the selectors for the World Class Start and Potential squads.

    He will work with three groups during the one-day conference. The groups will comprise Hannah Paul, Laura Sims, William Whitaker, Martha Beaumont, Tim Gredley, Charlotte Platt, Richard Davenport, Paul Barker and Ellen Whitaker.

    The conference takes place from 10am-4pm. Tickets cost £29 for BSJA members or £35 for non-members and can be pre-booked with Pam Rose (tel: 02476 698810) or email: pamr@bsja.co.uk

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