Nations Cup win for Britain

  • Britain’s team looked impressive during their morale boosting victory in the Portuguese Samsung Nations Cup round in Lisbon

    After a bleak spell in international competition Britain enjoyed a well deserved win in the Portuguese Samsung Nations Cup round in Lisbon.

    The British team included Scott Smith (Cabri D’Elle), Damian Charles (Canter De L’Odon), Robert Smith (Marius Claudius) and William Funnell (Cortaflex Amber Du Montois).

    Although many of the other nations did not field their best teams, Britain won easily. The 11-team contest was decided over a big, technical track which saw only one competitor, France’s Reynaud Angot on Tlaloc M, going clear in the first round.

    After four-fault rounds from Robert Smith with his Royal Windsor grand prix winner, Marius Claudius, and William Funnell on Amber Du Montois, Britain shared the lead with Germany atthe halfway stage, with France, Belgium, Portugal and Holland also in contention.

    Scott Smith then produced a clear on Cabri D’Elle, Damian Charles and Canter De L’Odon jumped a fighting four-faulter. Germany encountered problems but theDutch improved to come from sixth to second place.

    Scott Smith and Cabri D’Elle had the fastest time of the jump-off at the expense of one fence for third place. Marius Claudius finished a creditable 10th for Robert Smith, looking extremely impressive and gaining experience with every round.

    There were two other British victories. Robert Smith headed a speed class on Mr Springfield, as did William Funnell with Cortaflex Kristel.

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