Gold medal-winning showjumpers receive Olympic fence

  • Britain’s four gold medal-winning showjumpers will be able relive their London victory at home, after receiving a replica Olympic fence.

    Ben Maher, Nick Skelton, Peter Charles and Scott Brash have each been given a version of the Olympic rings jump used at Greenwich, by British Showjumping (BS).

    “We wanted to thank the riders who secured a gold medal for Great Britain with a tangible gift to remember it by,” said BS chief executive Iain Graham.

    “We couldn’t think of anything more fitting than building them a fence to use at home.”

    Peter Charles, who already has Abbey Road and Tower Bridge fence replicas — one of which he commissioned, the other was a gift — added: “They are iconic and part of history. Mine will never be jumped again, but will be displayed at the height we jumped them around the farm. They are something to inspire those who see them.”

    Ben Maher thanked BS for the “memories” when he saw the fence on a 24hr visit back to Hertfordshire to exercise his horses, before flying back to the USA to compete in Florida.

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (28 February 2013)

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