FK/GN AREA Alloa, Clackmannanshire, 10 December

new recruit 1, 1, Kiltinane Gleam (R Aird); 2, Missy (S McLaughlin); 3, Snowflake (R Aird). 10 & under 1, Dooneen George (R Aird); 2eq, Mac Mini (A Brash) & Toddy II (R Aird). jnr starter 1, Pete Petite (A Black); 2, Strathisla Rolled Gold (R Paterson); 3, Dusty Bluebell (J McAinsh). jnr British novice 1, Bye George (M Parrott); 2, Carramore Champ (D Thompson); 3, Mega Flight (A Carruthers). sml pony 1, Sharp Idea (T Drummond); 2, Loch Corrib (G Gillespie); 3, Kevin II (S Heenan). jnr newcomers/1m 1&2, First And Last (D Thompson); Mister Polo Bear (D Thompson); 3, Pyrotechnic (S Lynch). 138cm 1, Brooklands Done Dreamin (A Ogilvie); 2, Spiders Dance (D Thompson); 3, Sharp Idea. jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, The Mighty Quinn (T Drummond); 2, Mister Polo Bear; 3, Spiders Dance. 148cm 1, Nocona Black Elk (K Aird); 2, The Mighty Quinn; 3, Meiklekims Secret (K Turnbull).