Finland wins first ever World Cup jumping qualifier

  • Mikael Forsten has gone into the record books as the first show jumper from Finland to clinch a Rolex FEI World Cup Jumping victory.

    There was no shortage of surprises in Amsterdam, where 15 riders made it through to the jump off. Mikael was third to go with Isaac du Jonquet, coming home in 38.08sec and many of the best riders in the sport could not match their pace.

    “Isaac gave me everything,” Forsten said afterwards. “I’m so very happy — this has been a special day for us — I’m really delighted!”

    “Because I was going early I didn’t see anyone else, but I could feel Isaac was flying. He is French-bred and has all the scope, but his rideability can be a bit questionable, although he always tries to clear the fences. Today though he was unbelievably fast.”

    An animal rights protestor interrupted the first round of the competition when he ran across the arena clad only in his underwear. Spectators watched with amusement as officials chased the protestor around the arena before apprehending him.

    Dutch star Gerco Schroder riding Eurocommerce Monaco, who was preparing to start at the time, proved unaffected by the interruption and comfortably joined the second-round line-up on his way to finishing second in the class.


    1, Isaac du Jonquet (Mikael Forsten) Fin 0/0 38.08
    2, Eurocommerce Monaco (Gerco Schroder) Ned 0/0 38.25
    3, Aboyeur W (Heinrich-Hermann Engemann) Ger 0/0 38.39
    4, Sandro Boy (Marcus Ehning) Ger 0/0 38.48
    5, Ilostra Dark (Eugenie Angot) Fra 0/0 39.15
    6, Ever Mury Marais Z (Patrick McEntee) Bel 0/0 43.01
    7, Quintero (Omar Bonomelli) Ita 0/0 44.60
    8, Acantus GK (Max Kuhner) Ger 0/0 44.91
    9, Exquis Oliver Q (Harris Smolders) Ned 0/4 38.02
    10, Okidoki (Albert Zoer) Ned 0/4 38.43

    Current Western European Leaderboard

    1. Jessica Kürten – 79
    2. Rutherford Latham – 48
    3. Rolf-Goran Bengtsson – 47
    4. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum – 46
    5. Albert Zoer – 45
    6. Ludger Beerbaum – 44
    7. Helena Lundback – 41
    8. William Whitaker – 39
    9. Heinrich Hermann Engemann – 38
    10. Marcus Ehning – 37

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