BSJA raise limit on pony winnings

  • The winnings limits for ponies has been raised by the BSJA from 1 August 2002.

    The British Show Jumping Association is raising the limit on winnings for ponies jumping in novice classes from £49 to £100.

    A spokesperson for the BSJA said: “the decision was made after concerns were raised by the executive board.”

    “They felt that the gap between British Novice and Newcomers had grown too big.”

    The matter was discussed by the rules committee at a meeting last month. They decided to up the total winnings allowed by a pony competing in novice classes from £49 to £99.

    This will allow ponies to compete in more novice classes before moving up a class to Newcomers.

    The new rule will come into effect from 1 August.

    For more information contact the BSJA (tel: 02476 698800) or click here to visit their website www.bsja.co.uk

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