Amateur SJ finals confirmed

  • The BSJA has introduce a new championship aimed at amateur members

    The BSJA’s National Amateur Championships, sponsored by Balanced’ Horse Feeds, will take place at Addington Manor EC, Addington, Bucks on 29 November-1 December.

    The new series has been introduced to give amateur BSJA members a prestigious yet attainable championship to aim for. The series will also give older graded horses a lowerheight championship to compete in.

    The low, intermediate and high amateur classes are limited on ranking and winnings for riders and on recent winnings for the horses, while the two veteran classes are restricted by age.

    Eachregion will hold amateur qualifiers at 1.05m (low), 1.15m (intermediate) and 1.20m (high) plus 1.10m (minor) and 1.20m (major) for veteran riders between 16 September and 17 November. Ten horse/rider combinations in each class will qualify forthe finals.

    Peter Gillespie, chairman of the BSJA said: “These amateur championships will create a new opportunity for the membership that enjoy riding at this level, and will compliment the Winter Premier Circuit that is aimed at the ‘professionals’.”

    To find out more visit www.bsja.co.uk

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