Win a year’s supply of T.E.N. supplements via The Horse Show

  • To celebrate the launch of the exciting new range of T.E.N. supplements from the makers of SPILLERS, T.E.N. has teamed up with Horse & Hound to stage a virtual horse show. The Horse Show includes six classes and you don’t need to leave home to enter.

    About T.E.N. supplements

    T.E.N. stands for Targeted Equine Nutrition, a refreshingly different collection of supplements designed to make supporting your horse’s diet easier than ever before.

    The range comprises 31 supplements across 12 horse health categories (for more details visit www.tensupplements.co.uk). The scope of the range makes it easy to target your horse’s exact requirements with absolute precision, providing exactly what you feel he needs — without including what he doesn’t.

    The T.E.N. approach is straightforward. There are no extravagant product claims and all the ingredients have been carefully chosen for their efficacy, safety and traceability. Extensive research has gone into creating each product and, as the members of Team T.E.N. are all horse owners, every supplements has been trialled for palatability on their very own horses.

    And the results? In initial consumer trials 80% of participants said they would recommend the T.E.N. supplement they trialled to a friend.

    Visit www.tensupplements.co.uk today to see how the range could help your horse.

    Virtual Horse Show

    Because we want to see your horses in tip-top condition, H&H and T.E.N have teamed up to hold a virtual horse show — a fun way by which you can showcase your horse or pony from home and be in with the chance of winning a year’s supply of T.E.N. supplements.

    Entering couldn’t be easier. Visit www.horseandhound.co.uk/ths and upload a picture of your horse or pony with a description of him.

    There are six classes to choose from:

    • WORKING HUNTER — sponsored by T.E.N. Challenged Joints
      T.E.N. Challenged Joints is an advanced formulation joint supplement with high levels of the iconic ingredients: glucosamine, MSM, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate as well as rosehips, boswellia, omega 3 and glutamine.
    • BEST EX-RACEHORSE — sponsored by T.E.N. Positive Calm Behaviour
      T.E.N. Positive Calm Behaviour is a magnesium and herbal calmer which contains two sources of magnesium to help maximise absorption alongside hops, passiflora and lemon balm, traditionally used to support calm, relaxed behaviour.
    • BEST CONDITION — sponsored by T.E.N. Healthy Muscles
      T.E.N. Healthy Muscles is a highly specified protein supplement rich in amino acids and also includes vitamin E, selenium, vitamin C and grape seed. Ideal for helping to support topline, muscle development and recovery after exercise.
    • BEST VETERAN — sponsored by T.E.N. Senior Hooves
      T.E.N. Senior Hooves is a 2 in 1 supplement. Ideal for veterans who need a broad spectrum supplement that’s also targeted towards hoof health with the key hoof ingredients; biotin, zinc, copper, MSM, lysine, methionine and rosehips.
    • MOUNTAIN & MOORLAND — sponsored by T.E.N. Weight Loss
      T.E.N. Weight Loss Support contains a full complement of vitamins and minerals which horses and ponies on restricted diets may be lacking. T.E.N. Weight Loss Support provides these as well as essential amino acids and the ingredients, carnitine and grapefruit, which may help support a healthy metabolism, important when trying to lose weight.
    • BEST COLOURED HORSE OR PONY — sponsored by T.E.N. Challenged Digestion
      T.E.N. Challenged Digestion is an advanced formulation digestive supplement with all the ingredients you would expect for supporting the digestive system during times of challenge; prebiotics, probiotics, B vitamins, glutamine, acid buffers magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate, plus fenugreek.

    How do you win?

    Visitors to the website will then vote for their favourites in each class, with the 10 most popular going through to the showring. You can encourage friends and family to vote for you by sharing on social media. The winner from each class will be chosen by a panel of judges from T.E.N. and H&H and will progress to the championship after the showring shuts on Wednesday, 29 May.

    In the championship rosettes from first to sixth place will be awarded, with the overall champion taking home a year’s supply of T.E.N. products of their choosing.

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