SPRING VALLEY United Counties Showground, Carmarthen, 18 April

NPS/Welle Manor Novice (I Lloyd) LR 1, L Morris’s Loxwell Sonny Jim; 2, N Court’s Colliers Ryeston; 3, Mr & Mrs Wilson’s Ceffyl Lloyd. FR 1, A Dark’s Erwfair Milwr Bach; 2, A Harries’s Cassel Christmas Carol; 3, A Currell’s Laithhill Royal Mink. NPS/Micor (J Williams) LR 1, F Perry’s San Pageboy; 2, A Harries’s Dunmere Holly Blue; 3, F Perry’s Edw Cream Cracker. FR 1 & res, L Phillips Haverford Tom Thumb; 2, Cassell Christmas Carol; 3, Erwfair Milwr Bach.NPS/Barnett Balanced Horse Feeds (L Hillard) small 1, Landons’ Linksbury Royal Charm; 2, L Phillips’s Fontmell Romanov; 3, Erwfair Milwr Bach. lge 1, Mr & Mrs M Price’s Trevallion Princess Jade; 2, L Turnbull’s Maesmynach Flare; 3, T & P Good’s Severnvale Sophie. NPS/Eqvalan (S Walden) LR 1 & ch, K Bissmire’s Highlawn Penny Royal; 2, V Morgan’s Rosedale Fairy Lace; 3, K Davies’s Farchynys Delyn. FR 1, A Curry’s Radway Black Knight; 2, L Phillips’s Anna Bella Rosa. NPS/Balanced Horse Feeds riding pony/hunter pony, 128cm 1, Radway Black Knight; 2, J Kemp’s Rhoson Madrigal; 3, Mr & Mrs Mathews Wrayton Regal Prince. 138cm 1 & ch, C Williams’s Crawel Golden Guinea; 2, R Phillip’s Copybush Innovation; 3, A Evans’s Henleydown Mystical Air. 153cms 1 & res, S Jones’s Millay High Society. NPS/Picton (J Williams) sml 1, Erwfair Milwr Bach. Welsh sec B/C 1, L Phillips’ Gryngallt Pretty Polly; 2, C Williams’s Bannut Regal Light. large 1, M Harfield’s Lysander Of Dinefwr; 2, T & P Good’s Underwoods Icarus; 3, R Phillips’ Derwen Queen Of The Sun. NPS/Equizest pony breeding (S Walden) stallion 1 & res, A Pritchard-Simmons’s Cupidhill Grand Marnier; 2, P Tsoflias’s Chinook Mystery. mare 1, Mr & Mrs D Mckenzie-Tolhurst’s Menedh Thumbellina; 2, D Roberts Romany River Twinkle. foal 1, Mr & Mrs D Mckenzie-Tolhurst’s Menedh Eventide. 2/3-y-o 128cm 1, D Robert’s Romany River Tiny Tim. do 148cm 1, A Pritchard-Simmons’s Cupidhill Charisma; 2, Mr & Mrs N True’s Covenham Dot Com; 3, P Tsoflias’s Bryncadoc Penny Royal. y’ling, 128cm 1 & ch, L Turnbull & J Hughes-Jones’s Rosedew Picasso; 2, Mr & Mrs Matthews’s Nicdan Dream Chaser; 3, L Giboney’s Bryngarn Hermione. do 148cm 1, Rees family’s Small-land After Dark; 2, L Giboney’s Bryngarn Alibi. part-bred (B Olding) y’ling 1, Bryngarn Alibi; 2, Bryngarn Hermione. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Covenham Dot Com; 2, Cupidhill Charisma; 3, P Tsoflias’s Bryncadoc Royal Charmer. snr 1, R Price’s Scar Weather William; 2, Cupidhill Grand Marnier; 3, Menedh Thumbellina. foal 1, Menedh Eventide. ridden 1 & ch, S Jones’s Millay High Society; 2, Crawel Golden Guinea; 3, M Dixon’s Breinton Tommy. NPS/Elite home-produced (J Williams) y’ling 1, Small-land After Dark. 2/3-y-o 1, Cupidhill Charisma; 2, Bryncadoc Penny Royal; 3, Covenham Dot Com. NPS/Honeychop hunter pony breeding, senior 153cm 1 & ch, A Pritchard-Simmons’s Cupidhill Mystic Maid Of Martell; 2, Menedh Thumbellina; 3, D David’s Millpond Look At Me. foal 1, Menedh Eventide. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Covenham Dot Com; 2, Bryncadoc Royal Charmer. mixed M&M exc Welsh & Shetland 1, C Frayne’s Valerock Sweet Sorrell. novice ridden 1, L Davies’s Nantcol Subleton; 2, S Nolan’s Cennen Cobweb; 3, Breinton Tommy. palomino, snr 1, Gryngallt Pretty Polly. jnr 1 & ch, G Wright’s Cwmhendy Bella; 2 & res, S Charlton’s Joyton Golden Jubilee; 3, Mr & Mrs R Curtis’s Wyedean Candy. ridden 1, Gryngallt Pretty Polly; 2, Bannut Regal Light; 3, A Jame’s Paint the Wind. coloured, snr 1, V Dyer’s Beamish; 2, K Richards’ The Ambassador; 3, L Morgan’s Saranara Sunrise. jnr 1 & res, Bryngarn Alibi; 2, A Cooper’s Viking; 3, K Richards The President. ridden 1 & ch, Saranara Sunrise; 2, K Richards The Ambassador; 3, D Sweeney’s Jack. Appaloosa/spotted 1 & ch, J Sheriden & B Williams’s Domino of Mallards; 2, J Hunter’s Purdy Of Tan-y-Banc. Welsh sec D (J Cooke) stallion 1 & ch, K Howard’s Thorndon Park Harry. mare/gelding 1, Z Jeffries’ Cwrtycadno Cwiad; 2, Mr & Mrs J Davies’s Heolas Rosina; 3, S Pursey’s Parclwyd Angel Wings. 2/3-y-o colt 1, J Griffiths’s Black Knight; 2, W & F Bowen’s Cae Mansel Sir Elwyn. y’ling colt 1, R & N James’s Geler Tudor. do filly 1 & res, Cwmynfys Stud’s Cwmynfys Dion. sec C, stallion 1, R Reading’s Ashgrove Crackerjack; 2, K Howard’s Hwyi General. mare/gelding 1, G Dyfrig-Williams’s Boldrewood Leading Lady; 2, S Charlton’s Joyton Playgirl; 3, R Reading’s Yarty Fashion Belle. 2/3-y-o colt 1, P Harper’s Gellisiriol Gogoniant; 2, Joyton Golden Jubilee; 3, Mr & Mrs R Curtis’s Wyedean Chester.do filly 1, J & T Wilson’s Raci Bobby Sox; 2, Mr & Mrs G Williams’s Cilmaengwyn Seren y Bryn. y’ling colt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Williams’s Cilsane Del Boy; 2, Mr & Mrs R Curtis’s Bodwenarth Candi Man. do filly 1 & ch, M Griffith’s Iouar Madam; 2, G Dyfrig-Williams’s Gerdig Lady Chanterel; 3, D Russell’s Dyffryntwyi Santes. sec A (I Lloyd) stallion 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J Harries & Heniarth Stud’s Cascob Silver Ghost; 2, P Harper’s Haverford Walk In The Clouds; 3, Mr & Mrs B & D Bethell’s Cross Foxes Bari. mare/gelding 1, Mr & Mrs J Williams’s Rookery Jezzie; 2, Edw Cream Cracker; 3, A Edward’s Putwell Peach. 2/3-y-o colt 1, Mr & Mrs Davies’s Sunny Thomas John Reveller. do filly 1, Mr & Mrs R Buchanan’s Blanche Minella; 2, N & T Jones’s Nicton Mai; 3, Cwmhendy Bella. y’ling colt 1 & res, I & J Oliver’s Cwmllynfell Fantasia; 2, E Edwards’s Trecelynen Llewelyn; 3, P Munday’s Ragar Sion. do filly 1, Mr Jenkin’s Barracks Patsy; 2, T Jones’s Nantfforchog Seren-y-nos. sec B (B Olding) stallion 1 & ch, Linksbury Royal Charm; 2, Mr & Mrs B & D Bethell’s Polaris Elmer; 3, S Jones’s Eyarth Hansel. mare/gelding 1, Mr & Mrs M Price’s Bochym Magic Midnight; 2, C Lewis’s Celton Calypso; 3, S Edwards Cwmllynfell Amazon. 2/3-y-o colt 1 & res, I Davies’s Yrenfys Phoenix; 2, M Yorath & P Barnes Hollyvale Minstrel. do filly 1, M Lewis’s Cwrtycadno Glain; 2, L Evans’s Locksley Follow Me. y’ling colt 1, Mr & Mrs J Hillard’s Gryngallt Panache; 2, H Brockbank’s Wolfsdale Storm. do filly 1, I Davies’s Polaris Lilli Wen Fach; 2, L Evans’s Smokeycott Peek A Boo. NPS/Soigne home-produced, sml 1, Haverford Walk In The Clouds; 2, Mr & Mrs D Mckenzie-Tolhurst’s Top Rock Valva; 3, Putwell Peach. lge 1, Underwood Icarus; 2, Valerock Sweet Sorrell. Welsh ridden (E Prosser) part-bred 1, Copybush Innovation; 2, R Buckman’s Dillon. sec A 1, Haverford Tom Thumb; 2, Erwfair Milwr Bach. sec B 1 & res, Fontmell Romanov; 2, J Kemp’s Ddeunant Black Kite. sec C 1, C Dixon’s Cathael Miss Lisa. sec D 1 & ch, Trevallion Princess Jade; 2, D Russell’s Lletyllwyd Seren Haf; 3, K Emmanual & G Stone’s Maenerw Roscoe. jnr condition/turnout 1, Pittards’ Hermits Lady Noir. veteran 1, Mr & Mrs B & D Bethell’s Coed Coch Onid; 2, P Mander’s Hadleigh Of Spring Cottage; 3, H Wilkinson’s Silverhill Sweet William. ridden veteran 1, S Jones’s Turton Kitty Fisher. Shetlands (J Wood) under 34in, mare/gelding 1 & ch, C Williams’s Halstock Fairy Curly Wurly; 2, Pittards’ Beaudesert Looby Lou. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Hermits Lady Noir; 2, D Williams’s Caedubach Out Of The Blue; 3, L Davies’s Seva Isabella. y’ling 1 & 2, Pittards’ Staplow Finnegan & Windwillow Apollo; 3, I & J Oliver’s Cwmllynfell Fuschia. standard, stallion 1 & ch, J Jackson’s Ross Of Colden Water; 2, Mr & Mrs H Thomas’s Fronllan Promotion; 3, G Davies’s Hanky Panky. mare/gelding 1, P Braddock’s Buckland Destro; 2, A Currell’s Abbeyfield Clio; 3, D Williams’s Lloegr Sunshine 2/3-y-o 1 & res, L Davies’s Seva Irene; 2, A Currell’s Carmilo Magic Moments. ridden 1, A Dark’s Ulverscroft Hazel Autumn Gold; 2, A Currell’s Owlacombe Eclipse. miniatures, novice 1, Mr & Mrs Martin’s Llancarol Golden Nugget; 2, N Valentine’s Spotlights Royal Windsor; 3, J Hunter’s Marlcris Spiderman. y’ling 1 & res, W Edgar’s Zeals House Black Jack; 2, N Valentine’s Spotlights Bank Holiday; 3, S & A Johnston’s Czars Drop Dead Red. 2-y-o 1, M Lewis’s Lewingales Sea Dancer; 2, W Edgar’s Zeals House Romantic Duet; 3, S & A Johnston’s Jezabelles Famous Song. 3-y-o & over 1, J Sheridan & B Williams’s Toyhorse Miss Dior; 2, W Edgar’s Minimul Barnicle. stallion 1 & ch, W Edgar’s MH Apollo; 2, S & A Johnston’s Scott Creek Mystical Magnum; 3, W Edgar’s MHB Lucky Strike. young handler, under 10yr 1, T Clark; 2, J Morris; 3, F Currell. 11-16yr 1, D Roberts; 2, J Pittard; 3, E Jenkins.