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  • NPS WESSEX AREA 24 FOAL & YEARLING Kingston Maurward, 4 Nov

    sec A foal 1, ch & sup, J Jones’ Lapstone Signature; 2, J Jones’ Lapstone Salvia; 3, Mr & Mrs G Cooper’s River Valley Lady Sue. sec B 1, Mrs J Upton’s Bluebury Bosanova. sec C 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Cooper’s River Valley Superted; 2, Mrs C Gibbs’ Popsters Debonair. sec D 1, Mrs P Middleton’s Paith Nelumbian Blossom. y’lng sec A 1, Mrs P Blake’s Lippens Honeypot. sec B 1, K Vials’Rocktels Kara; 2, Mrs J Upton’s Bluebury Galliano; 3, J Scource’s Warmwell Basil. sec C 1 Mr & Mrs Schwarzin’s Lychfields Scrumpy Jack. sec D 1, Mrs White’s Trefedw Sarah Jane. part-bred M&M foal 1, Mrs B Wells’ Wellstan Louisa; 2, Mr & Mrs Sampson’s Broadhurst Miss Muffet. Shetland foal 1, P Thompson’s Quiet Corner Sweet Surprise; 2, Miss T Banger’s Blazefield Candy; 3, Mrs T Ridgers Wotnotts Amelia. Dartmoor 1, Mrs S Harrison’s Plovers Banbury Cross; 2, Miss Coll’s Stourton Belissimo; 3, Parkinson & Reid’s Stourton Brocklyn. lrg foal 1, Mrs S Cheyne’s Heathers Diarmuid; 2, Mrs J Field’s Richfield Finn McCool; 3, P Knowler’s Buttslawn Accolade. part-bred M&M y’lng 1, Mr M Coombes’Wellstan Aladdin; 2, Mrs J Wareham’s Bluebury Titan Gold. M&M sml y’lng 1, Mrs S Harrison’s Plovers Hey Diddle Diddle; 2, Mrs T Ridgers’ Wotnotts April Showers; 3, P Thompson’s Quiet Corner Maytime. lrg 1, K Eynott’s Sabinas Crackerjack; 2 & 3, Miss F Biddle’s Green Cottage Finesse & Green Cottage Fantasia. LR/FR type y’lng 1, Plovers Hey Diddle Diddle; 2, Rocktels Kara. RP y’lng 1, Mr & Mrs Sampson’s Broadhurst Accolade; 2, Wellstan Aladdin; 3, Bluebury Titan Gold. coloured y’lng 1, Miss V Tarr’s Royalyn Saxon; 2, H Crocker’s Burnt House Lane Bailey. FR/FR foal 1, Broadhurst Miss Muffet; 2, Stourton Bellisimo; 3, Mrs E Holt’s Seawinds Exclusive. RP foal 1, Wellstan Louisa; 2, Broadhurst Catch The Wind. hack/RH foal 1, Mr & Mrs Sampson’s Broadhurst Catch The Wind. coloured foal 1, Miss T Banger’s Marillion Georgio; 2, Blazefield Candy. PBA y’lng 1, Royalyn Saxon; 2, Broadhurst Accolade; 3, Bluebury Titan Gold. HP y’ling 1, Sabinas Crackerjack; 2, Royalyn Saxon; 3, Burnt House Lane Bailey. part-bred Arab foal 1, Seawinds Exclusive. HP foal 1, Peveril Petersburg; 2, Bluebury Bosanova; 3, Plovers Banbury Cross. hunter foal 1, Mrs S Andree-Parsons’ Peveril Petersburg. nov ridden 13.2hh 1, Mrs T Hains’ Nicton Harlequin; 2, Mr M Coombes Fontmell Rockafella; 3, M Baker’s Moday Muskateer. exc 13.2hh 1, F Biddle’s Sabinas Silver Shadows.

    AVON & BORDER COUNTIES WP&CS SHOW Henbury, Bristol, 4 Nov

    sec A colt 1 & res sup, J Higgins’ Lapstone Dancing Shadow; 2, B French’s Forlan Mastermind; 3, A Cooper’s Crumpwell Buttonhole. do filly 1& res ch, C Higgins’ Churchwood Cherish; 2, B French’s Forlan Miss Molly; 3, S Johnsey’s Wilcrick Easter Rose. do y’ling 1& 2, A Cooper’s Crossmoor Hy-Jack & Crossmoor Magnolia; 3, I Ball’s Vimpenny Day Lily. do 2-y-o 1, T Parker’s Joiners Bacardi Spice; 2, J White & PHancox’s Tyllwyn Lloyd George. do 3-y-o 1, S Watt’s Pasadena Carisma; 2, C&L Brown’s Swinford Pancake. sec B colt 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Tamplin’s Griashall Valentino. do y’ling 1 & ch, F Leadbitter’s Thornberry fair Game; 2, D Jordan & A Abrahall’s Skellorn Christopher Robin; 3, J Marsh’s Jula Grause. do 2-y-o 1, J Marsh’s Thornberry Wild Rose; 2, T Parker’s Lemonshill Eclipse; 3, T Williams’ Walton Blue Boy. do 3-y-o 1 & res, C Davies’ Laithehill Calico. secC colt 1, C Morbey’s Cadfach Barwn; 2, P Cox’s Tardebigge Ladies Man; 3, Fletcher & Stein’s Dhanak Celt. do filly 1 & sup ch, C Merrick’s Brynithon Menna; 2 & res ch, R Jordan’s Wyken Pirouette; 3, B Mills & J Oborn’s washingpool Hafren. do y’ling 1, V Layton’s Caebryn Cdaog; 2, Z Buckley’s Hardys Sonnet; 3, G Moffat’s Pwllmelin Olivia. do 3-y-o 1 & ch, R Davis’ Hywi Rhian. sec D colt 1 & res, S Saint’s Southcoast Mr Tom; 2, Mr & Mrs Williams’ Emerald Isle Celtic Lord; 3, W Morgan’s Rhufeinig Firecracker. do filly 1 & ch & res ch, Mrs & Mrs Williams’ Rhoslan (B) Deilan Haf; 2, H Williams’ Tyr Pentre Rhonwen. do y’ling 1 & ch, C Merrick’s Brynithon The Gigolo; 2, J Walter’s Willow Court Tiger; 3, Mr & Mrs Buckley’s Cascob Valiant Lady. do 2-y-o 1, H Male’s Cricketwood Madison; 2, J Bateman’s Rhydypandy Buster. do 3-y-o 1, J Parry’s Ffald Hector. part-bred foal n/e 14.2hh 1 & ch, A Eccles & C Sandison’s Bankswood Red Pepper; 2 & res, H Horler’s Hightopps Magic Elf; 3, Mrs Tamnner’s Redvale Catwalk. do ex 14.2hh 1, L Smith’s Glasford Diva. Anglo & part-bred 1 & res, A Eccles & C Sandison’s Bankswood Scandal; 2, G Tanner’s Redvale Mister Magic. foal ex 14.2hh 1, Glasford Diva. M&M foal 1 & ch, J Curry’s Pontllys Gwyneth; 2 & 3, R & W Derrick’s Gleinant Rainbow & Gleinant Skyblue. M&M foal LR 1, Glasford Diva, Gleinant Rainbow & Gleinant Skyblue. LR type foal 1 & res, H Horler’s Hightopps Magic Elf; 2, H Horler’s Song & Dance. part-bred y’stock 1 & ch, S Patch’s Elwell Master Pickwick. do n/e 14.2hh 1, Elwell Master Pickwick; 2, G Tanner’s Espair Lone Star; 3, J Chappells’ Vimpenny Comet. M&M y’stock 1 & res, R & W Derrick’s Kirred Raffle Man; 2, Laithehill Calico; 3, Lemonshill Eclipse.


    confined nov NS 1, Mrs Grantham’s Conrhenny Schweppes; 2, Mrs Cooper’s Hursted Jenny Wren; 3, Mrs Holtby’s Landrace Boohay. Hemlock NS 1, Mrs Crosbie-Starling’s Greenlinks Lucky Rascal; 2, Mrs Cooper’s Flying Colours; 3, Conrhenny Schweppes. confined nov WHP 1, M Nettleton’s Banrighan Baun; 2, Mrs Adamson’s Necta Zipalong; 3, A Nucz’s Cottage Melody’s Pride. Downland Smuggler WHP 1, Mrs Adamson’s Canteeny West; 2, B Crosbie-Starling’s Greenlinks Lucky Rascal; 3, Flying Colours. do WHP 1, Banrighan Baun; 2, S Coates’s Cocum Donna Maria; 3, S Hide’s Fairmarsh Foxglove. Keston M&M in-hand 1, B Family’s Birch Moor Amadeus; 2, L Rigby’s Ruska Galahad; 3, S Potter’s Cusop Baby Spice. confined nov M&M in-hand 1, Ruska Galahad; 2, Cusop Baby Spice; 3, A Lindley-Harden’s Stoar Flora. Colne M&M LR 1, V Stephenson’s Pinina Misterman; 2, L Atkinson’s Treowen Rhiannon; 3, H Coor’s Rinnes Playmate. confined nov M&M FR 1, K Pinkney’s Whisperdale Diamante; 2, Pinina Misterman; 3, Rinnes Playmate. confined M&M FR 1, Ruska Galahad; 2, T Allingham’s Michehill Aquarelle; 3, C Cawkwell’s Cnapton Mr Chips. confined nov M&M ridden 1, Ruska Galahad; 2, Cocum Donna Maria; 3, P Holmes’s Gleanmhor Basilisk. SHP 1, B Crosbie-Starling’s Stanswick First Occasion; 2, E Hawthorne’s Just-U-Wait; 3, A Plant’s Portphilip Son. Mirage SHP 1, Mrs Adamson’s Canteeny West; 2, L Johnson’s Rambling Christopher Robin; 3, S Curtis’s Starswood Bradley. confined nov RH 1, Galways Prima Donna; 2, D Sanderson’s Scrooby Top; 3, A Sharman’s Feathered Frog. ridden competition horse/ pony 1, Stanswick First Occasion; 2, Canteeny West; 3, C Cawkwell’s Cnapton Mr Chips.

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