Showing Results 23-27 April ’03

  • HALL PLACE EC 23 April

    Best Turned Out-Ridden 1, Cash Only (L West); 2, Chip (S Thurman-Baker); 3, Sam (C Allen). Best Condition Grass Kept-in hand 1, Shadow (D Wicks); 2, The Jazz Man (K Gough); 3, Dynegar Miss Phoebe (N Richardson). Best Condition Stable Kept-in hand 1, Hogwarts Gryfinder (S Mills); 2, Willoway Galaxy (W O’Rourke); 3, Apple (R Jones). Sect A Best Child Handler 8 & Under 1, Blondie (L McCrady); 2, Summers Lady (K Allaway); 3, Cyril (T Pritchard-Jones). Sect B Best Child Handler 9-13years 1, Bridie (K Slatford); 2, Tiffany (A Thompson); 3, Chip (S Thurman-Baker). Sect C Best Child Handler 14 & Over 1, Dizzy Heights (A Knight); 2, Cosmo (M Owen); 3, Faye (N Bird). Best Grey and Black-Ridden 1, Bronycoed Indian Joe (D Tutty); 2, Blenheim Daydream (A Betts); 3, Bentley (E Welch). Best Bay & Chesnut -Ridden 1, Chip (S Thurman-Baker); 2, Mr Attitude (S Burns); 3, Bertie (J Withers). Best Roan, Dun and Palomino-ridden 1, Culla (J Cooper); 2, Bubbles (J Thurman-Baker); 3, Willoway Galaxy (W O’Rourke). Best Coloured Piebald, Skewbald, Spotted-ridden or in hand 1,Cash only (L West); 2, Hotspot (L Garland); 3, Dizzy Heights (A Knight). Pony/horse most suitable for PC activities-ridden 1, Chip (S Thurman-Baker); 2, Puzzles Lucky Charm (C Chance); 3, Little Star (K Graves). Pony/horse most suitable as a family pony 1, Cruella (S Pearce); 2, The Jazz Man (K Gough); 3, Puzzles Lucky Charm (C Chance). Veteran 14 yrs and over-in hand 1, Kelcot Blue Ginger (S Harter); 2, Joe (L Johnson); 3, Minister (A Kapp). Best Heavy Horse/pony-in hand 1, Whiskey (K Player); 2, Dynegar Miss Phoebe (N Richardson); 3, Governor (L Johnson). Prettiest Mare 1, Echo (S Frade); 2, Culla (J Cooper); 3, Pippa (H Butler). Most handsome gelding 1, Jack (M Alvis); 2, Hector (S Travers); 3, Mr Attitude (A Burns). Pony/horse with thelongest mane 1, Blackjack (C Sullivan); 2, Chardum Choc Chip (D Tutty); 3, Bridie (K Slatford). Best Thelwell lookalike 1, Bridie (K Slatford); 2, Gazz Teddy Bear Black Sox (C Shears); 3, Cyril (T Pritchard-jones). Fancy Dress 1, Bubble (J Thurman-baker); 2, Kack (Mel avis) 3, Fungus (T Pritchard jones

    SCOTTISH SPRING Gleneagles, Perth, 26 April

    hacks (C Le Moignan) nov 1, V Mylius’ Apres Mois; 2, V Campbell’s Foreign Exchange; 3, Rossalyne Stud’s Rossalyne Sunrise. RIHS small 1 & res, J Parkin’s Finder’s Keepers; 2, V Campbell’s Yealand Prayer; 3, Rossalyne Sunsrise. lge 1, & ch, J Walsh’s Saville Row; 2, P Atkinson’s Diamonds Are Forever; 3, Mrs D de Vries’ Constellation. RH (C Le Moignan) novice 1, Mrs M Kennedy’s Balbair Markup; 2, J Leslie’s Inkytop Blue; 3, Miss F Cape’s Nareda. RIHS small 1, Miss G Clifford’s May Kitten; 2, Miss S Murray’s Broadstone Lavender; 3, Mrs K Waterstone’s Royal Blue II. lge 1 & ch, Miss T Hinchcliffe’s Amazing Ace; 2 & res, R Lee’s Classic Court; 3, A Brewster’s Clifton Arizona. cobs (C le Moignan) RIHS l’wt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Gale’s Ellistown Duchess; 2, Mr & Mrs T Peel’s Tom Foolery II; 3, T Winfield’s Faith II. h’wt 1 & ch, Mrs J McKenzie’s Earn Park Padraig; 2, Mr & Mrs G Gale’s Harper; 3, G Ross’ Cock A Hoot. skewbald/piebald exc 153cm 1, D Fairful’s Rocketeer; 2, HLumbard’s Renior; 3, J Cameron’s Jean Alesi. under 153cm 1, Mrs L Rigby’s Cougar; 2, K Howitt’s Pipers Dream. WH (Miss B Millington) RIHS open 1, Lady Kirkham’s Ballin County; 2, J Aird’s Knockadoon; 3, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Phantasy. novice (Mrs L Young) 1, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Tom Foolery II; 2, L Spence’s Beech Hill; 3, Mr & Mrs A Brown’s Rockhill Saucy Sam. ridden hunters (Miss B Millington) novice 1, G Hood’s Chapel Well; 2, R Watson’s Ovein River. RIHS amateur (Mrs L Young) 1, T Richardson’s Master Will; 2, A Brewster’s Clifton Liberte; 3, Rockhill Saucy Sam. ladies 1, Miss J Lloyd’s The Exhibitionist; 2, T Richardson’s Glamour Boy; 3, J Jeffries’ Lord Marek. RIHS small 1, R Clifford’s Another Legend; 2, Mrs J Senior’s Mister Finlay; 3, Mrs B Darling’s Chesterhill Pericles. l’wt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Windy Ridge; 2, Mrs M Kennedy’s Balbair Marconi; 3, A Mitchell’s Dulverton Stanza. m’wt 1, Mrs A Rutherford & Countess of Lanesborough’s Water Front; 2, Lady Kirkham’s Court Marshel; 3, Mrs D Allison’s Westinghouse. h’wt 1 & ch, G Drummond’s Ben Mhor; 2, Master Will; 3, Dr C Peddie’s Spurwing Island.

    SOUTH EASTERN WPCA SPRING Ardingly, Sussex, 26 April

    Welsh sec A (R Barrett): y’ling colt 1, C Fell’s Bryseion Caderyn; 2, Mrs J Haydens’s Blisland Manic Mogul; 3, Mrs J Higgins’s Crimond Panther. filly/gelding 1, Mrs S Weightman’s Southwaite Charity; 2, Mrs M & Miss L Deacon’s Leafycroft Grey Model; 3, Mrs P Blake’s Lippens Benita. 2-y-o 1, Mrs M & Miss L Deacon’s Churchwood Destiny’s Child; 2, M Plummer’s Fairstoke Hocus Pocus; 3, Mrs J Hayden’s Halnaker Myra. 3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs V Harris’s Yaverland Delyn; 2, Mrs F Harding’s Blisland Killian; 3, Mrs P Blake’s Lippens Honeypot. mare/gelding 1 & ch, Miss H Morris’s Weston Highlight; 2, Mrs D Barr’s Firle Apply Dapply; 3, Mrs J Hayden’s Springbourne Harmoneer. stallion 1 & res, Mrs J Higgins’ Churchwood President; 2, P & K Deacon’s Halnaker Marten; 3, E Smith’s Tiffwyl Masquerade. sec B: y’ling 1, Mrs S Ash’s Llanarth Sweet Willow; 2, Mrs A Kember’s Ladysden Mad Hatter. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs P Reynolds Priestwood Dixie Chick; 2, Miss C Light’s Davdor Acclaim; 3, Miss L Candlin’s Cross Foxes Eloise. mare/gelding 1, ch & res sup, Miss H Morris’s Dymok Ballet Dancer; 2, Mrs J Tompsett’s Telynau Royal Chamberlain; 3, Mrs A Coulburn’s Rotherwood Penny Farthing. stallion 1, Mrs V Tucker’s Pennway Jive; 2, Mrs D Barr’s Whisperdale Flamenco; 3, Mrs C Bowyer’s Symondsbury Emperor. sec C (Mrs W Burt): y’ling 1 & res, Mr & Mrs J Kirk’s Donys Hanky Panky; 2, Mrs K Panayiotou’s Kallistalodge Gigolo; 3, Mr & Mrs P Hussey’s D’Abernon Atomic Kitten. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, D Boys’s Blue Willow That’ll Do; 2, Twywood Stud’s Twywood Geordie; 3, Mrs C Isaac’s D’Abernon Whitney. mare/gelding 1, D Boys’s Rangeview Roxanne; 2, JChicken’s Cefn Duchess; 3, Mr & Mrs J Hobden’s Glynceirch Gwawr. stallion 1, Mr Adlis’s Trixies Flash Back; 2, Mr Abela & Mr & Mrs James’s Fairbourne Masterpiece. sec D: y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs R Gregory’s Bookham Lodge Joseph; 2, D Smith& A Jones’s London Country Squire; 3, D Hewer & I Tudor’s Senators Maverick. 2/3-y-o 1, ch & sup, M Attrell’s Danaway Samson; 2 & res, C Granger & G Mitchell’s Cledlyn Sam; 3, J Welton’s Welton May Queen. mare/gelding 1, M Macklin’s Danaway Solitaire; 2, Mrs D Pickering’s Naiar Welsh Dragon; 3, Mrs JR Smith’s Ellwyn Delyn. stallion 1, S Glossop’s Danaway Dempsey; 2, Mr & Mrs J Hobden’s Blaengwen Gazzer; 3, S Roper’s Kirklees Braveheart. p/b y’stock 1, Miss E Shaw’s Gaillimh Banteer; 2, Mrs E Kelly’s Sandlings American Dream. 4 & over 1 & ch, Mrs E Kelly’s Sandlings Dream On; 2 & res, Mrs M Springett’s Chinook Discovery; 3, Mrs L Mew & Miss C Sherrard’s Ibornden Sonatoa. NPS qual (Mrs K A James): secA 1, Mrs D Barr’s Waitwith West Wind; 2, Miss C Light’s San Cinnamon; 3, Mrs S Weightman’s Southweight Cover Girl. sec B 1, Mrs M Burchell-Small’s Rowfantina Prize Scamp; 2, Mrs M Springett’s Ibornden Comet; 3, Miss E May’s Pennway Olympic Spirit. sec C (D Sykes) 1, nov ch & sup ridden ch, Miss K Harris’s Fourwinds Karim; 2, Mr & Mrs A V Berryman-Horne’s Trehanlli Ianto; 3, Mrs C Isaac’s Neuaddparc Eclipse. sec D 1 & res, Mrs RG Weller’s Stoatley Two Lady Jane; 2, Mrs J Norton’s Powys Valley Top Flight; 3, Miss K Harris’s Blaengwen Sion Alled. SHP in-hand (Mrs G Sabin): 4 & over 1 & ch, Ibornden Sonata; 2, Mrs G Fitzsimmon’s Erimus Storyteller. y’stock 1 & res, Mr & J Hobden’s Frosthill Shooting Star; 2, Ladysden Mad Hatter. Ridden: SHP 1, Mrs E Kelly’s Klimiston Sky Hawk; 2, Mrs S Powel’s Rosevale Tom Thumb; Mrs J Lom’s Papa’s Magic Flute. Welsh p/b 1, Sandlings Dream On; 2, Chinook Discovery; 3, Mrs K Harris’s Nuthurst Aquarius. P(UK) confined nov LR 1 & mini ch, Firle Apply Dapply; 2, Mrs S Darlington’s Fishleigh May Breeze; 3, Mrs D Barr’s Sarum Just William. do, FR 1, Mrs D Barr’s Roseisle Secret Mission; 2, Mrs SE Sulsh’s Whitewillows Mystery; 3, Papa’s Magic Flute. Lobster Pot LR 1, Firle Apply Dapply; 2, Weston Highlight; 3, Mrs S Darlington’s Symondsbury Tabitha. Brineton FR 1 & mini res, Mrs S Ramplings Follywood Fantasy; 2, Miss A Somerset’s Roseisle Confetti; 3, Mrs T Strapp’s Waitwith Ruby. just off LR (Mrs L Ahmet) 1, Mrs M Rowson’s Small-land Rosella; 2, Mrs KA James’s Pendock Victoria; 3, Mrs N Varney’s Jobanker Tommy Tittlemouse. M&M: sml 1, Mrs J Tompsett’s Vean Lionheart; 2, S & J Rand’s Cosley Domino; 3, Mrs P Bailey’s Tyrcoed Maybe. lge 1, Mrs J Stone’s Tamarvale Barnabus; 2, Miss A Hardings Mockbeggar Liquorice Allsorts. potential LR/FR 1, Frosthill Shooting Star; 2, Churchwood Destiny’s Child; 3, Cosley Domino. P(UK) Kingsford WelshA&B 1, Miss C Light’s Longhalves Sword of Gold; 2, Symondsbury Tabitha; 3, Mrs M Burchell-Small’s Priestwood Monet. Welsh C&D 1 & res, Powys Valley Top Flight; 2, Mrs D Barr’s Rhoscolyn Briallen Express; 3, Blaengwen Sion Alled. sml 1, Whitewillows Mystery; 2, Vean Lionheart; 3, Mrs J Sands Ravensquest. lge 1, ch & res sup ridden, Mrs S Roberts Bardsey Jack O’ Spades; 2, Mesdames Evans’s Hayselden Phoebie; 3, Tamarvale Barnabus. dressage: prelim 4 1, Mrs L Irving’s Balklands Alfie; 2, Stoatley Two Lady Jane; 3, Ibornden Rhapsody. nov 21 1, Mrs V Spackman’s Cathael Seren Wib. yng handler: 5/10-y-o 1, C Somerset; 2, Mrs KA James’s entry; 3, A Barr. 11/16-y-o 1, S Sabin; 2, EKember; 3, J Thompsett. WPCS yng judge 1, Miss LM Cornford; 2, Miss K Whiteman; 3, Miss E Cornford.

    SWPCA SPRING Devon Leisure Park EC, Fishcross, 26 April

    Welsh sec A (D Evans) stallion 1, Mrs F Blackie’s Friars Sun of Spring; 2, G Ralston’s Ceannaiteach Sultan; 3, Bedlay Stud’s Sarum Cadw Mi Gei. mare/gelding 1, Mrs C Burton’s Argaty Coriander; 2, Mr & Mrs D Rowland’s Gartconnel Sonnet; 3, Haig Family’s Saradon Sweet Secret. y’ling 1, L & K Moy’s Cromagtir Don; 2, R & E Mowat’s Ceannaiteach Malibou; 3, Bedlay Stud’s Bedlay Siobhan. filly/gelding 2/3-y-o 1, ch & res sup, A Anderson’s Thistledown Waterlily; 2, Mrs M Kennedy’s Ceannaiteach Monaliza; 3, Mrs K Orr’s Tiffwyl Daybreak. do colt 1 & res, Mrs M Kennedy’s Ceannaiteach Millennium; 2, J Borthwick’s Ceannaiteach Maverick. sec B stallion 1, ch & sup, Waxwing Stud’s Moelview Mohawk; 2, G Whetter’s Lindisfarne Guardsman. mare/gelding 1 & gelding ch, Mrs R Copeland’s R M Flying Comet; 2, Mrs G Whitaker’s Cargen Quaver; 3, Mrs M Cousin’s Rosslayne Heatherbell. y’ling 1, B Fotheringham’s Laithehill Stephanotis; 2, A Ferguson’s Telynau Difyr. filly/gelding 2/3-y-o 1, C Strang’s Pedstra May Blossom; 2, Mrs L Robson’s Millborne Kingfisher; 3, Miss D Bain’s Heugh Snapdragon. do colt 1 & res, Mrs R Duncan’s Eyarth Mowgli. part-bred, mare/gelding 1 & res, Mrs A Efthymiou’s Harlaw Scarlett Ribbons; 2, E Gunn’s Tullibardine Tywysoges. y’ling 1 & ch, Mrs R Kelbie’s Lyndrose Catwalk. filly/gelding 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs A Hunt’s Gleannmhor Melody. sec C stallion 1 & ch, Mrs L Cormack’s Waxwing Rhumba. mare/gelding 1 & res, Mrs S Thomson’s Synod Raimunda; 2, C Munro’s Lodor Seriol. y’ling 1, L Anderson’s Cwmythan Gwillam. colt 2/3-y-o 1, D Picken’s Kilmars Perfection. sec D stallion 1 & ch, L Anderson’s Nirvana Tywysog; 2, Mrs C McNally’s Gristhills Tokyo Joe; 3,Passford Stud’s Trefedw Jack. mare/gelding 1, L Wood’s Vaynor Cara; 2, A Morton’s Barwoods Megan; 3, C Black’s Morlyn Fair Welsh Queen. y’ling 1, B Thomson’s Pennal The Great; 2, Passford Stud’s Hillgarth Charm. filly/gelding 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Mrs C McNally’s Ellington Rosaleen; 2, S Campbell’s Tullibardine The Princess Royal. do colt 1, Mr & Mrs C Anderson’s Haylers Jazz; 2, Passford Stud’s Passford Sunnay Boy. members in-hand (Mrs K Scott) y’ling 1 & ch, B Thomson’s Pennal The Great; 2, L Anderson’s Cwmythan Gwillym; 3, R & E Mowat’s Ceannaiteach Malabou. do 2/3-y-o 1, S Campbell’s Tullibardine The Princess Royal; 2, R & E Mow.


    Local Working Hunter 1, Splash III (L Powell). Open Working Hunter 1, Diamond Deals (S McKie). Ridden Lightweight Hunter 1, Dulverton Stanza (E McKechnie). Ridden Middleweight Hunter 1, Ballyquirk (G McCowan). Ridden Heavyweight Hunter 1 & Ch, Chapelwell (M Nicholson). Ridden Small Show Hunter 1 & Res, Another Legend (G Clifford). Amateur Ridden Lightweight Hunter 1, Glamour Boy (D Haughan). Amateur Ridden Heavyweight Hunter 1, MasterWill (D Haughton). Novice Ridden Hunter 1, Kilmore Blue (J Gordon). Chaps Open Ridden 1, Pengelly Sudini (H Forster). Chaps Ridden Pony 1, Cougar (P Langrick). Small Hack 1, Yealand Prayer (V Cambell). Large Hack 1, Foreign Exchange (V Cambell). Lightweight Cob 1, Tomfoolery II (P Langrick). Heavy Weight Cob 1, Cock A Hoot (P Langrick). Amateur Owner Rider Cob 1, Faith II (T Winfield). Small Riding Horse 1, Maykitten (G Clifford).Large Riding Horse 1, Clifton Arizona (A Brewster). M&M Leadrein 1, Waxwing Excel (M Miller). M&M First Ridden 1, Waxwing Excel (M Miller). Junior M&M Small Breeds 1, Telynau Grenadier (S Dudgeon). Junior M&M Large Breeds 1, Fairfield Golden Honey (M Taylor). Novice WHP 1, Autmn Storm (L Thompson). Open WHP 1, Autmn Storm (L Thompson). Ridden Show Pony 1, Bracon Toytown (K Nicol). Show Pony Not Exceeding 138cms 1, Rosemore Midnight Touch (G Pope). Nursery Stakes 1, Telynau Grenadier (S Dudgeon). Lead Rein 1, Drumphin Tiddlywink (K Robertson). Intermediate SRT not exceeding 153cms 1, Yealand Prayer (V Campbell). Intermediate SRT not exceeding 158cms1, Maximus (G Parker). Show Hunter Pony not exceeding 122cms 1, Rosenvale Seren Sensation (K Nicol). Show Hunter Pony not exceeding 143cms 1, Whispering Grass (F Jackson). M & M Working Pony 1, Fairfield Golden Honey (M Taylor). Novice Mixed Arab 1, Fidra Verona (F Scott). Anglo/partbred Arab not exceeding 153cms 1, Arabelle (K Graham). Anglo/partbred Arab exceeding 153cms 1, Fidra Verona (F Scott). Arab 1, Flaxman’s Sid (V Mylius). Sport Horse 4,5&6 Years old 1, Dalcotes Holland & Holland (D Brash)


    AA&PBA Yearling 1, H Hagger’s Tristan Superstar; 2, N Hutton-Mckenzie’s,Mettlewood Jubilee Tribute; 3 Mesdames E & V Rees & Banfield’s Mels Desert Kestrel. AA&PBA 2yrs 1, J Johansson-Massey’s JJM’s The Man About Town; 2, N Hutton-Mckenzie’s Mettlewood Francescas Gem; 3, N Winkworth’s Moulin Rouge. AA&PBA3yrs 1& Ch , J Johansson-Massey’s Mayway Momento; 2, P Allpress’s Wolvers Story Teller; 3, L Young’s Flypast Wizard. AA&PBA Mares Over 4yrs 1, Z Fillery’s Broadreed Melody; 2, J Johansson-Massey’s Fantastica; 3, M Wallace’s Ninfield Lady Mink. AA&PBA Geld Over 4yrs 1& Res Ch , R Dear’s Ottoman; 2, A Lucas’s Litton Magic Mistral; 3, M Northfield’s Weirton Royal Ascent. AA&PBA Stallions 1, J Kotecha’s Sarfraz; 2 , M & S Bradshaw’s Moonraker. Pure Bred Fillies 1yr1, S Harvey’s Amicelli Bint Amica. Pure Bred Colts 1yr 1& Ch , P Butt’s Ebbershaan; 2, C Glover’s Av Kubla Khan. Pure Bred Colts 2 & 3yrs 1& Res Ch, P Butt’s Eddashaan; 2, M Calvert’s Christov; 3, Silverdale Training Centre’s AH Djava Bey. Amateur Handler 1, M Northfield’s Weirton Royal Ascent; 2, M Wallace’s Ninfield Lady Mink; 3, M Reddin’s Zarsulachero. Pure Bred Fillies 2yrs 1 Silverdale Training Centre’s Ellegannce; 2, J Hodges’s Prissilla. Pure Bred Fillies 3yrs 1, J Johansson-Massey’s Selica; 2, M Calvert’s Bhavna. Pure Bred Geld 1-3yrs 1, A Dursley’s Al Ashgar Adham; 2, V Huddleston’s Ecuador; 3, H L Creasey’s Ibn Shakib. Pure Bred Geld Over 4yrs 1, N Smith’s Taher; 2, M Burr’s Rushkar; 3, S Minear’s Fairwinds Jedi. Pure Bred Mares Over 4yrs 1, Silverdale Training Centre’s Zadyma; 2, V Booth’s Nimra; 3, C Glover’s Ffemme Ffataal. Pure Bred Stallions 1, P & L Morris & Mccrudden’s Silver Highwayman; 2, K Maryon’s Wla Falcorr; 3, Silverdale Training Centre’s LM Luval. Pure Bred Novice Ridden 4-7yrs 1, N Smith’s Taher; 2, K Maryon’s Ravor; 3, L Kerly’s Brede Gitano. Pure Bred Novice Ridden 8yrs & Over 1, W Parkin’s Antzaris; 2, C Thompson’s Crystal Glimmer; 3, D Boswell’s Red House Zinderella; Pure Bred Ridden Mares 1& Ch, G Ayub’s Shabana Mareschaya; 2, J Johansson-Massey’s Azuli; 3, L Pilcher’s Namara. Pure Bred Ridden Geld 1, J Adkins’s Rajar; 2, K Maryon’s Radzim; 3, R Napier’s Rajol Ibn Rusleem. Pure Bred Ridden Stallions 1& Res Ch , J Powell’s Moashiro; 2, S E Tapsell’s Sky Comet; 3, L Hodgetts’s Paneer. Amateur Rider 1, S Daniell’s Charles Of The Ritz; 2, M Byers’s Charlie Chaplin; 3, Elise HideJwa Minsk. AA&PBA Novice Ridden 1, J M Brymer’s Astral Mazurka; 2, M & S Bradshaw’s Moonraker. AA&PBA Small Ridden 1, B & H Budge’s Bourningwood Clasic Scholar; 2, M Wallace’s Ninfield Lady Mink; 3, M Speller’s Cratfield Magic Lantern. AA&PBA Large Ridden 1& Ch, R Dear’s Ottoman; 2& Res Ch, K Cherryman’s Twinkle Wonder Kid; 3, J Green’s Easter Mistral.


    NovWHP 153cm 1, J Dunn’s Pink Gin; 2, J Cope’s Manorfields Betsy; 3, J Dunn’s Pure Kiwi Magic. BSPS Restricted WHP 133cm 1, J Dunn’s Pure Kiwi Magic. 143cm 1, V Kenyon’s Forever Solo; 2, F Hurdley’s Pebbly Royal Male; 3, C Langrish’s Dorridge Nobleman. 153cm 1 & Ch, L Sim’s Tremley Pacific Adventure; 2 & Res, F Coutts’ Sandpiper VIII; 3, E Thorman’s Jack the Lad. BSPS Heritage M & M WHP 128cm 1 & Res, A Sargent’s Collena Hebe; 2, J Dunn’s Redpools Maestro; 3, J Aspell’s Cottrell Maestro. 138cm 1 & Ch, C Langrish’s Milford Flamingo; 2, G Reece’s Tireve Trotting Jack. Exc 138cm 1. L Sims’ Trenley Pacific Adventure; 2, S-A Pierson’s Chester II; 3, F Biddle’s Green Cottage Ambassador. NWH 1, W Housson’s Monty’s Lad; 2 & Res, D Greenwood’s Chicargo II; 3, C Greenwood’s Oceans Eleven. IWH 1 & Res, D Greenwood’s Chicargo II; 2, A Denham-Harding’s Choice Decision; 3, S Hughes’ Mr S Kew. OWH 1 & Ch, A Duncan’s Teddy Boy; 2, L Bell’s Casino; 3, B Hester’s James Brown. BSPS Heritage M & M Lead Rein 1, Mrs Burdett Small’s Sunwillow Georgina; 2, P Ryder’s Minsterley Carlo; 3, B Moore’s Rubilyn Rambo. BSPS Heritage M & M First Ridden 1, A Sargent’s Collena Hebe; 2, P Ryder’s Harwel Wizard; 3, C Ward’s Uppacott D’Yquem. Nov RH 1, W Housson’s Monty’s Lad; 2, L Homer’s Carry the Flag; 3, K Moore’s Criminal Justice. Small RH 1, V Rider’s Prince of Thieves; 2, A Levy’s Sledwich Dancing Years; 3, J Jenkin’s Field Day. Open RH Lght 1 & Res, D Tatlow’s My Shout; 2, C Elwes’ Kilmore Quau; 3, Kelanne Stud’s Classic Call. Open RH Hvy 1 & Ch, J Dunlop’s Owen Glendower; 2, L Russell’s Baileys Pukka Tukka; 3, L Homer’s Eoenove. Ladies Hunter 1, L Russell’s Baileys Pukka Tukka; 2, C Johnston’s Secret Affair; 3, K Moore’s Noble Clover. Open Cob Lwt 1 & Ch, Bailey’s Horse Feed’s Gemini; 2 & Res, K Moore’s Castle Jordan. Open Cob Hwt 1, S Jennings’ Foxy Minstral; 2, W James’ Bridget Jones 2. BSPS SHP 133cm 1 & Ch, C Ward’s Erimus Talk of the Town; 2, A Sargent’s Collena Hebe; 3, H Windmill’s Devon Masquerade. 143cm 1 & Res, A Leat’s Osmotherley Miro; 2, S de Boinville’s Parkhill Jimmy; 3, J Thomson’s Crochallan Limited Edition. 153cm 1, N Whitelock’s Helsington Next Generation; 2, C Fry’s Yelland Othello; 3, F Coutts Donald’s Sandpiper. Nov Riding Horse 1, D Burgess’ Sailor; 2, S Oldham’s Catherston Goldcrest; 3, J Conify’s Bunnie. Small RidingHorse 1 & Ch, L Smart’s Fernedge Debonnaire; 2, T Spillman’s Starrock Imagination. Large Riding Horse 1 & Res, J Stephenson’s PPS; 2, A Tickle’s Lady Kerstin; 3, K Crago’s Impulse. Small Coloured 1 & Res, C Willett’s Mosstock Garrison Lad; 2, T Smith’s Irish Exclamation; 3, C Quant’s Harlequin IV. Lg Col 1 & Ch, J Marchant’s Hortons Malikie; 2, V Haisting’s Uncle Patch; 3, N Whitelock’s Sanehills Mosaic. Pure Arab 1 & Res, A Rees’ Valletta Hunters Moon; 2, J Kelk’s Captain Crystal; 3, S Creed-Miles’ Chivalry. P/B Arab 1 & Ch, L Smart’s Fernedge Debonnaire; 2, N Whitelock’s Helsington Next Generation; 3, H Orr’s Saxon Master Bruno.

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