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  • NCPA CHESHIRE SUMMER Cheshire, 1 June

    RICHMOND Old Deer Park, Surrey, 1-4 June

    SOUTH EAST COUNTIES/BSPS AREA 14 Merrist Wood, Surrey, 2 June

    NCPA CHESHIRE SUMMER Cheshire, 1 June

    NCPA reg M & M 4yr & over 1 & ch, Dartdale Peter Boy; 2, B Nelson’s Millfields Teresa; 3, J Gerrard’s Deepmill Tumbleweed. do 3 & under 1, H Mooney’s Delgarth Black Magic. do small breeds ridden1, K Bennett’s Hisky Dragoon; 2, Deepmill Tumbleweed. do large 1 & res, A Ward’s Carroroe Pride; 2, Dartdale Peter Boy; 3, A Barnes’s Marnonwells Rona. ridden M&M (H Samuels) nov 1, M Warman’s Trevallion Leanardo; 2, A Barnes’s Manonwells Rona; 3, N Carmen’s Brimstone William. do open small 1 & res, P Collier’s Penwisg Belladonna; 2, J Schofield’s Lathehill Ariel; 3, A Barnes’s Cliffvilla Bernard. do large 1 & ch, G Berrisford’s Fairthorn Picador; 2, Dartdale PeterBoy; 3, A Barne’s Manonwells Rona. do LR 1 & res, S Cannon’s Wharley Calypso; 2, S Wood’s Colne Tara; 3, V Fenton’s Tirfelin Hector. do FR 1 & ch, C Davies’s Penway Regal Fanfare; 2, E Gray’s Priestwood Mirth; 3, C Yates’s Wychen Lea Penelope. SHP (C Whiteway) open int 1, C Cartwright’s St Lawrence Masterpiece; 2, E Dale’s Ring Charlie Boy; 3, Maraday Playboy. MH nov 1, D Holberry’s Isley Whalton Limestone; 2, A Rothwell’s Anastasia; 3, K Thomson’s New Edition. LR 1, J Owens’ Deanhills Pageboy; 2, W Clarke’s Courtway Patience. 153cm open 1 & res sup ridden ch, Anastasia; 2, A Robinson’s Wattlemeade Norman. 143cm open 1 & res, S Timperley’s Chinook Sentinel; 2, K Mitten’s Hursthead Quince; 3, V Leech’s Wellercroft Accolade. 133cm open 1, K Manning’s Fair Julia; 2, P Collier’s Warleigh Hot Gossip; 3, D Holbery’s Isley Whalton Limestone. 122cm open 1, S Nicklin’s Netherfield Neopolitan; 2, L Goodyear’s Millay Manoleto; 3,M Neachelss Plas Delyn. SP (R Parker-Jones) MH nov 1, M Cartlidge’s Sycamore Mirage; 2, S Cannon’s Chasecroft Thumbelina; 3, V Leech’s Wellcroft Accolade. LR 1 & ch, H Cragg’s Rowden Small Talk; 2, W Clarke’s Courtway Patience. FR 1 & res, L Goodyear’s Madelie Ragdoll; 2, S Cannon’s Small Lad Checkmate; 3, M Neachell’s Fofsway River Dance. 128cm open 1 & sup ridden ch, A Smith’s Sycamore Temptation; 2, K Carter’s Bronteifie Talk Of The Town. 138cm open 1 & res, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 2, S Timperley’s Moreglen Minstrel; 3, N Stubb’s Brilliant Blue. 148cm open 1, S Fern’s Kelsborrow Candida; 2, S Booth’s HorseHill Miss Saigon. MH int SRT 1, J Mitchell’s Crystal Phantasy; 2, A Smith’s Wentward Gift Of Fidelity; 3, S Timperley’s Rose Breeze Moon River. hack & riding horse breeding (L Ennett) y’ling to exc 148cm 1, G Neve’s Lemor Exige; 2, M Carswell’s Sanby Excella; 3, A Garrigan’s Rafiq. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Dr N Brook’s Hermitage Valentino; 2 & res, S Tootle’s Time Out; 3, H Cornes’s Antsar Law. b’mare 1, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Springtime Classic. foal 1, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Spring Encounter. riding horse & show hack (L Lyons) nov RH 1, S Jones-Percival’s Carlow Boy; 2, Hightime American Jazz. open RH 1 & res, Carlow Boy; 2 & res, St Lawrence Masterpiece; 3, V Parker’s Maraday Playboy. nov hack 1, A Mickleburgh’s Fairground Attraction; 2, M Ogden’s Midnight In Manhattan. open hack 1 & ch, Fairground Attraction; 2 & res, C Holderness’s Rosslayne Manhattan; 3, J Brew’s Nightime Sea Song. NCPA light horse (M Ogden) ridden under 158cm 1, K Mitton’s Hursthead; 2, Nightime Sea Song; 3, F Cayzer’s Hightime American Jazz. in-hand 3yr & under 1 & res, H Coombes’s Tableybrook Anastasia; 2, G Berrisford’s Deanhills Fairy Story; 3, Lemor Exige. do, 4yr & over under 158cm 1 & sup in-hand ch, G Berrisford’s Stychlands Royal Secret; 2, L Shane-Hall’s Hightopps Marcasite; 3, American Jazz. Anglo & part-bred Arab (J Bradley) ridden under 148cm 1 & ch, B Baxter’s Kelsborrow Cressida; 2, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 3, Hurstead Quince. do over 148cm 1 & res, L Minchin’s Maraday Maverick; 2, Hightime American Jazz; 3, G Kerfoot’s Wellwood Camilla. in-hand y’ling 1 & res, Styalways Amadeus; 2, M Carswell’s Sandby Excella; 3, J Owen’s Dew Symphony. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Hermitage Valentino; 2, Deanhills Fairy Story; 3, Antsar Law. b’mare 1, Marshbrook Spring Classic. foal 1, Marshbrook Spring Encounter. 4yr & over 1, R Willis’s Roedean Harlem Rag; 2, L Shane-Hall’s Firestorm; 3, Hightime American Jazz. Welsh sec C (L Harrison) y’ling1 & ch, H Leach’s Coeden Raine Drop. sec D y’ling 1, J Haywood’s Fourways Juliet. b’mare 1 & res. L Wilson’s Swalemoor Delyth. stallion/colt 1 & ch, K Baskeyfield’s Tybandl Ehedwr. M&M under 3yr 1, J Crane’s Tarnbeck Willow. do over 4yr 1 & ch, J Crane’s Clandon Hadleigh; 2, Dartdale Peter Boy. Welsh part-bred (J Sehne) y’ling 1 & ch, P Nott’s Chasecroft Dawn Chorus; 2, A Garrigan’s Rafiq; 3, L Cooper’s Highbut Deboniare. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, P Mather’s Rotherwood Toy Symphony; 2, S King’s Kouros Killarney; 3, W Powers Killattle Marking Thyme. b’mare 1, K Wood’s Leevale Lucy Lockett. foal 1, K Wood’s Leevale Peter Pan. riding pony breeding (D Hinde) y’ling under 128cm 1& y’stk ch, P Nott’s Chasecroft Dawn Chorus. do 128-148cm 1, Styalways Amadeas; 2, J Owen’s Derw Symphony; 3, Kerandi First Gold. 2/3-y-o. under 148cm 1, Rotherwood Toy Symphony; 2, Tableybrook Anastasia; 3, W Power’s Marking Time. do 3-y-o 1 & y’stk res, Deanhills Fairy Story. do b’mare 1, Leevale Lucy Lockett. foal 1, Leevale Peter Pan. stallion/colt 1 & ch, Stychlands Royal Secret; 2, Hightop Marcasite. hunter pony breeding (D Hinde) y’ling 1 & res, Styalwasy Amadeas; 2, V Radcliffe’s Kerandi First Gold. do 2/3-y-o 1, L Wilson’s Walseker Valentino; 2, M Carswell’s Paddock Paragon; 3, C Wood’s Mosswood Midnight Caller. b’mare 1, S Lassey’s Bennywyn Annie Oakley. foal 1, S Lassey’s Calomoor Apollo Eleven. stallion/colt 1 & ch, Stychlands Royal Secret. sec A (S Rogers) y’ling colt 1, White & Hancox’s Auric Chavez. do filly/geld 1, A Murray’s Min y Don Mayflower; 2, J Curry’s Pontllys Gwyneth; 3, I Longsdeon’s Caywood Solitaire. do 2/3-y-o 1, S Gredington’s Lacy Trydar; 2, A Murray’s Baledon Mystic Millenium. b’mare 1, J Longsdon’s Chetwyd Amber. foal 1, J Longsdon’s Guywood Roscoe. stallion/colt 1 & ch, S Lassey’s Dukeshill Macho Man; 2, L Oldham’s Baledon Carrington. geld/mare 1, res & medal, S Crossley’s Tiverton Cinderella; 2, J Gilbert’s Swinford Paper Lace; 3, W Dewhurst’s Glynwyn Honeybunch. sec B y’ling 1 & ch, G Lowe’s Eyarth Alaw; 2, Kerandi First Gold. geld/mare 1 & res, C Davies’s Penwy Regal Fanfare. young handler 7-11yr 1, Doran Butterfly; 2, S Cornwall’s Blue Haven Dianthus. WHP (L Selby) open int 1, L Pursgleve’s Late Departure. MH nov 1, V Goodwin’s Fresh Spirit; 2, H Berrisford’s Bits & Pieces; 3, A Barnes’s Askham Blackberry. cradle stakes 1 & mini res, E Darlow’s Forgebank Lullaby; 2, C Horsley’s Bradmore Claudia; 3, A Dobson’s Egbrech Elegant Empress. nursery 1 & mini ch, G Brobyn’s Alandale Fair Games; 2, S Davies’s Whatcroft Excaliber; 3, D Holberry’s Hulme Rob Roy. 133cm nov 1, G Brobyn’s Alandale Royal Blue; 2, S Davies’s Whatcroft Excalibur; 3, H Johnson’s Lord Of The Manor. 143cm open 1, C Davies’s Ruby Reflection; 2, A Allen’s Dorlyn Maestro. 153cm open 1 & ch, A Aston’s Beau Baron; 2 & res, J Bonnam’s Aachen. M&M WHP (H Morris) under 122cm 1, Bradmore Claudia; 2, J David’s Kaylea Supreme; 3, Egbrook Elegant Empress. do122-138cm 1 & ch, J Schofield’s Laithwell Ariel; 2, S Tootle’s Wrayton Royalist; 3, M Davies’s Bardsley Peggotty. do exc 138cm 1 & res, R Rimmer’s Coedylls Deryth Du; 2, G Tindale’s Lough Owe Campdelle; 3, A Ward’s Carrodoc Pride.

    RICHMONDOld Deer Park, Surrey, 1-4 June

    cob: nov working 1, L Kidner’s Another Pippin; 2, T Norton’s Kingsley Ace; 3, C North’s Brannigan. working 1, Another Pippin; 2, K Bergmann’s The Jammy Beggar; 3, A Wilson’s Moon Coyne. nov riding 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Gemini; 2, Brannigan; 3, A Bartolomy’s Rose Of Tralee. RHIS lgt cob 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Draco; 2, S Channer’s Rick Champion; 3, Another Pippin. do hwt 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Krypton; 2, A Hutton’s Sorois; 3, Mrs Brar’s Just Joseph. hack nov 1, C Bardo’s Catherston Square Dancer; 2, Mr & Mrs Underswood’s Party Spirit; 3, J Reed’s Kingsford Silver Spray. RIHS sml hack 1, Lady Hedgerley’s Constellation; 2, K Bliss’ Pendley Distinction; 3, S Church’s Silver Shadow. do lge 1, D Stennett’s Riverdale Manequinn; 2, Mrs Welchman’s Hermes. RH nov 1, Mr & Mrs Kendrick’s Marble Arch II; 2, J Watts’ Monte Cristo; 3, Dell Park Stud’s Whalton Ruby Tiger. RIHS RH sml 1, J West’s Haddon Hurrican; 2, J Stewart’s Smallfry; 3, H Broom’s Rock Star. do lge 1, P Ireland’s Dolphin Aristocrat; 2, V Stanton’s Beau Geste; 3, A Lance’s Merlin. Cherif Anglo, part-bred Arab 1, HWhiteley-John’s Midday Phlight; 2, K Hall’s Little Mischief; 3, C Clarke’s Ace Of Base. RHIS skewbald/piebald pony 1, S Wheeler’s Mystery Puzzle; 2, F Towler’s Dudley Bay; 3, Mrs Cunningham’s Soulbury Otters Jetstream. do horse 1, K Russell’s Badgerswood Joie De Vivre; 2, M Wadwah’s Madam Butterfly; 3, C Dacon & A Croft’s The Mighty Samson. BSPA Skewbald/piebald pony 1, Soulbury Otters Jetstream; 2, K Potts’ Archie II; 3, S Barrett’s Kesrah Royal Carousel. do horse1, Badgerswood Joie De Vivre; 2, The Mighty Samson; 3, K Loveday’s Huddson. Spanish horse ridden in English 1, A Hill’s Lloroso II; 2, J Burke’s Destinado XVI; 3, R Young’s Don Diego. do ridden in Spanish 1, Destinado XVI; 2, Don Diego; 3, A Grimwood’s Aberbowlan Rio. Arab ridden 1, S Coombs’s Valletta Foxglove; 2, M Burr’s Hasleem; 3, J Keeley’s Zircon Aseem. ridden part-bred & Anglo Arab 1, G Rees’ Frithesden Speewell; 2, C Curtis’ WGS Springtime Magic. in-hand Spanish pure-bred, part-bred & Hisano Arab female 1, J Fewster’s Carina. do male 1, G Shawcross’ Romero XXV; 2, A Hill’s Lloroso II; 3, M Shawcross’ Zafiro VII. in-hand part-bred & Anglo Arab 1, J Vellentin’s Towerlanze Crown Jewel; 2, A Nash’s Roedean Jass Me Blues; 3, P Taylor’s White Ash Bentley. in-hand pure-bred Arab 1, S Fleming’s Ross; 2, Hasleem; 3, Valletta Foxglove.

    SOUTH EAST COUNTIES/BSPS AREA 14 Merrist Wood, Surrey, 2 June

    RIHS WHP Int. 1, Mrs Gredley’s Boycott Tonic; 2, Mrs Strang’s Harvest Sun; 3, L Richardson’s Hawklands Hob Nob. 153cms 1, Mrs Hard’s Pistols At Dawn; 2, Mrs Underwood’s Laughton’s Bramble Pie; 3, Mrs Blacker’s Norris Castle Roselight. 143cms 1 & Ch, A Boyle’s Eyecatcher; 2, Mrs Hendriksen’s Barnaby Bay; 3, Mrs Taylor’s 0scar Charles. 133cms 1 & Res, Mrs Bucknell’s Roodlebats Robert; 2, Mrs Watherston’s Parkfield Freddie; 3, Mrs Skillman’s Whitemere Christopher Robin.NS 1, Mrs B Barr’s Edentree Country Man; 2, Mrs Matthews’ Georgian Dorian; 3, Mrs Strang’s Mountpleasant Star. BSPS CS 1 & Mini Ch, Mrs Prebensen’s Farchynys Pererin; 2 & Res, Mrs Taylor & Leavesley’s Isley Walton Sandstone;3, Mr T Strapp’s Waitwith Ruby. BSPS Nov WHP: 153cms 1, Mrs Gwilliam’s Top Gun; 2, Mrs Strang’s Rhoden First Light; 3, S Spear’s Ardoon Target. 143cms 1 & Ch, Mrs Allen’s Highill Grand Finale; 2, & Res, Mrs Bucknell’s Comberton Chafinch; 3, Mrs Woodward’s Just Murphy. 133cms 1, J Marsh Smith’s Valentine Hierarchy. BSPS Nov MH SHP 1, Mrs Kingston’s Fair Dominic; 2, S Coate’s Cool Justice; 3, Mrs Bosworth’s Lydgate Giovanni. RIHS Int SHT 1 & Res, Mrs Underwood’s Renoir; 2, A Wimborne’s Omega; 3, Mrs Timbon’s Rapture. 153cms 1 & Ch, N Packham’s Harwent Secret Agent; 2, Mrs Underwood’s Valour; 3, H Armstrong-Small’s Mundon Mallow Haze. 143cms 1, Mrs Sweeney’s Tamarind Star Attraction; 2, & Res, Mrs Mark’s Highmead Special Agent; 3, Mr Kobbe’s Boston Born Free. 133cms 1, C Willet’s Lord Oaksey; 2, Mrs Haine’s Cadlan Valley Thlisman; 3, Mrs Smith’s Braveheart. 122cms 1, C Willet’s Boriton Spyman; 2, Mrs Cook’s Foxcroft Jeepers; 3, Mrs Royce’s Hunters Royal Orchid. RIHS: LR of Hunter Type 1, J Durr’s Erimus Busy Bee; 2, Mrs Hughes & Grindale’s Meadow Rose Skylark; 3, Mrs Harvey’s Starlyte Pollyana. Home Produced: 122cms 1, Mrs Taylor & Leavesley’s Isley Walton Sandstone; 2, Mrs Moyer’s Morwyn Bronze Heir; 3, O Haslem’s Rossalyn Royal Glory. do: Mix Ht SHP 1, Mrs Timpson’s Strinesdale Symphony; 2, Mrs Gillets Classic Chancellor; 3, Mrs Haines Cadlan Valley Talisman. RIHS Int. SRT Large1 & Ch, Mrs P Russell-Wood’s Whitehouse Chorister; 2, Mr Timson’s Dexter 2; 3, C Willet’s Blue Lagoon. do: small 1, K Bliss’s Pendley Distinction; 2, Mrs Hyland’s Courtland Country Vogue; 3, Mrs Timson’s Strinesdale Symphony. P(UK) DelannsAnglo & Part Bred Arabs: Ex 148cms 1, Mrs P Russell-Woods Whitehouse Chorister; 2, Mrs Smith’s Marchemanor Red Alert; 3, E Curtis & K Skirrow’s Woodlander Fire Fly. Not ex 148cms 1, W Haslam’s Linton Hillscountry Squire; 2, B Firth’s Syon Sapphire; 3, Mrs Stone’s Sandlings Make Believe. BSPS Dennybeck Classic SP: 128cms. 1 & Res, C Highams Hightops Royal Blue; 2, Mrs Templeton & Rowland’s Colbeach Salaman; 3, Mrs Windmill’s Devon Masquerade. 138cms 1 & Ch, TeamJago’s Scary Spice; 2, Mrs Cooks Hamptonne Scandal; 3, E Stratford’s Syon Sapphire. 148cms1, Mrs Deary’s Classical Symphony; 2, Mr & Mrs Coates Romany River Pharoah; 3, Mrs Priors Small Land Gift Box. 133cms 1 & Ch, Mrs Cook’s Hamtonne Scandal; 2, Messrs Kings & Bland’s Wychways Escapade. 143cms 1, Mrs Stone’s Sandlings Make Believe. RIHS Home Produced Mix Ht SP 1, Mrs De Boinville’s Pendley Tip Top; 2, Mrs Prebensen’s Fiora Alba; 3, Mrs Peakham’s Holtess Littlesweet Melody.BSPS Mixed Height Nov SP 1, T Snelling’s Stairwick First & Formost; 2, J Hosmer’s Marchmanor Creme De Menthe; 3, Miss Garner’s Ninfield Team Spirit. RIHS Ridden 1, C Willet’s Wentward Quality Quest; 2, Mrs Dent’s Chinook Chanelle; 3, Mrs Wyman Fossway Page Boy. LR1, Mrs Brar’s Okewood Delightful; 2, Mrs Stonehouse’s Islyn Alan Mai; 3, M.Burchell-Small’s Snowhill Blue Velvet. RIHS Home Produced 1, B Skeet’s Devon Raindance; 2, Mrs Lucas’s Small Land Rosella; 3, Mrs Harvey’s Barkway Tapdance. LR 1, Mrs Brar’s Haighend Dreams Royal; 2, Mrs Stonehouse’s Islyn Alan Mai; 3, J Durr’s Audene Samsara. BSPS Heritage Ridden 1, Mrs Edward’s Doylands Sliver Buttons. 2, S Dent’s Dwee Calypso; 3, J Durr’s Cotteral Red Admiral. LR 1, Mrs Barr’s Lacey Targed; 2, J Knight’s Greenferns Barhmaeas; 3, N Barnett’s Springwater Della Robba. Hertiage MH Open M&M 1, Mrs D Barr’s Ffaid Morning Ster; 2, SJ Hornsby’s Oak Merion; 3, Mrs Ramsey’s Aberarth King Plyer. BSPS Hertiage NS 1, Mrs Taylor & Leavesleys Isley Walton Sandstone; 2, Mrs Prebensen’s Farachynys Pererin; 3, C Andrews Stremoa Major. BSPS Hertiage Open WHP: 128cms 1, C Andrews’ Stremoa Major; 2, S Andrews’ Scrafton Martha; 3, J Rogers’ Elsinore Simon Sparrow. 138cms 1 & Ch, N Brown’s Cocum Coronet; 2, L White’s Peveril Peppercorn; 3, Mrs Launders Burley Gossip. exc 138cms 1 & Res, Mr & Mrs GP Baker’s Arth Ferdnano. P(UK) Commanchee Coloureds: exc 148cms 1, J Mallett’s Paint Your Wagon; 2, C Holley’s Atntude; 3, S Smith’s Irish Explanation. 148cms 1, S Spears Archie 3; 2, S Spears’ Ballysheil Tarquin. P(UK) Open S&P Mixed Height 1, J Marsh-Smith’s Valentine Hierarchy; 2, Miss Garner’s Elmdale Extrovert; 3, Mrs Pendred’s Sannan Valley Bobby Sox.do: Small M&M 1, H Lom’s Downlands Chickadee; 2, S Andrew’s Scrafton Martha; 3, Longhalves Stud’s Longhalves Crown Jester. do: Large M&M 1, Mrs Launder’s Burley Gossip; 2, Mrs Kent’s Belle Vue Huckleberry; 3, S Calvert’s Blacjthorn Paragon. P(UK) Con Nov M&M: LR 1, Longhalves Stud’s Springwater Felicia; 2, Mrs Gale’s Rosslayne Royal Glory; 3, J.Knight’s Greenferns Barhmeas. FR 1, R Millar’s Heniarth Quail; 2, J.Durr’s Cotterel Red Admiral; 3, S.Dent’s Dwee Calypso. NPS M&M LR 1, Mrs Pope’s Yeoland Humbug; 2, Mrs Somerset’s Gillia Of Annwood; 3, M.Burchall-Small’s Rowfantina Orchidacious. FR 1, Mrs Edward’s Doylans Silver Buttons; 2, Mrs Somerset’s Gillia Of Annwood; 3, Mr & Mrs Bryson’s Brysmith Midas Spirit. Jnr M&M Small 1, Mrs Lom’s Thornberry Grenadier; 2, Mrs Sarger’s Tyfy Red Sky; 3, Mrs Flynn’s Wyndgate Anouska.Large 1, Mrs Sweeney’s Townend Breeze; 2, Mrs Lewis Midsummer Moonshine; 3, Mrs Lewis Mountemple Silver. NPS Riding Pony: 128cms1, Mrs De Boinville’s Pendley Tip Top; 2, Team Jago’s Cherryvale Royal Occasion; 3, Mrs Jenkinson’s Tenmad Little Lancer. 138cms1, Team Jago’s Scary Spice; 2, Mrs Warwick’s Weststreet Sea Bird. 153cms 1, S.Coats Romany River Pharoah; 2, Mrs Prior’s Small Land Gift Box; 3, Gardner’s Ninefield Team Spirit. NPS Picton Nov M&M: Fell, Dales, Highlands, Welsh D 1, Mrs Hoar’s Mountain Lowan Of Craigie Loch; 2, Mrs D. Barr’s Ffald Morning Star; 3, Mrs Harris’ Maylands So. New Forest, Connemara 1 & Ch, Mrs Head’s Borridge Chancellor; 2, D Boylan’s Correlian Caleb; 3, Mrs Caddy’s Hayselden Yenia. WelshB & C 1 & Res, SJ Hornsby’s Oak Meirion; 2, Greenlink’s Stud Peasdown Perfect Posseur; 3, Mrs Grisdale & Grommit’s Locksbit Whispering Wind. Welsh A, Dartmoor, Exmoor & Shetlands 1, Longhalve’s Stud Springwater Felicia; 2, Mrs Baker’s Serum Willoughby; 3, S.Mason’s Roseway Appollo. NPS Nov WHP: 122cms 1, S Andrew’s Littlewren Luke; 2, Mrs Sarger’s Tyfy Red Sky; 3, T Strapp’s Waitwith Ruby. 138cms 1 & Res, Mrs Watherstdne’s Kiltwane Rufus; 2, Mrs Dawson’s Stockham Rosa; 3, Greenlink’s Stud’s Peasdown Perfect Possrur.exc 138cms 1 & Ch, H Black’s Broganslade Balistaire; 2, Mrs Lewis’ Mounttemple Silver; 3, Mrs Bryant’s Beenleigh Ford Moonlight Amulet.

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