Showing fans help vet practice caught in Australian bushfires

  • UK showing enthusiasts have raised an impressive £5,000 to help rebuild and re-establish an equine vet practice in Kinglake town in Victoria, Australia.

    Kinglake town suffered huge losses of life and infrastructure during the bushfires in February 2009, and vet practice Bray Equine Services and its equipment were completely destroyed.

    The Australian Bush Fire Fund was set up to help communities in Victoria affected by the fires, and the Australian Horse Council proposed using the funds to restore the vet practice.

    Numerous UK organisations donated to the fund, including members of The National Pony Society, The Welsh Pony and Cob Society, The British Show Pony Society, and The Northern Counties Pony Association, to name but a few.

    Dr Simon Bray of Bray Equine Services said: “The fire also tore through our home — we fought for four days and although we managed to save our house and stables, we lost our fencing, water supply, shelter and pasture.”

    Dr Bray plans to use the funds to concrete and level the ground around his house, where he hopes to establish facilities for another clinic.

    “We have erected a small temporary clinic at the back of our property and have slowly been rebuilding our equipment — we now have ultrasound and X-ray equipment,” he said.

    “We are now hoping to build a few yards to allow our equine patients to have procedures done at our home.”

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