NPS AREA 25 Leyland Court, Bristol, 10 July
Templeton O’Neill M&M ridden (A Robertson) sml breeds— 1 & ch K Marriott-Payne’s Stowbrook Jenny Wren; 2, Williams/Nash’s Waltersgay Kingfisher. Welsh sec A/B— 1, L Mitrano’s Hollyoak Harmony; 2, Menai Stud’s Menai Llew Aur. Dales, Fell, Highland— 1, M Mitchener’s Bracklynn McIvor; 2, D Hollinshead’s Acreknowe Firecracker. Connemara, New Forest— 1 & res, ME Bryant’s Wayland Loganberry; 2, J Averis’s Oaklands Donatello; 3, A Gomersall’s Oaklands Shard. sec D— 1, D Reynolds’ Rhydypandy Taran; 2, C Mead’s Pentaren Blackadder; 3, L Hall’s Llanina Easter MelodyPeasedown int M&M ridden (R Miller) sml— 1, Waltersgay Kingfisher; 2, P Smith’s Yaverland Chieftain; 3, Lonsdales’ The Rough Forester Of Dryknowl. sec B/C— 1, S Roberts’s Eyarth Saverom 2, L Brown’s Ty’reos Lili; 3, J Perrin’s Heaton Katrin. Dales, Fell, Highland— 1, Acreknowe Firecracker; 2, L Larkman’s Gordon Highlander Of Armoury; 3, J Price’s Bignor Foxtrot. Connemara, New Forest— 1, Oaklands Donatello; 2, B Simcox’s Westonhouse Seamus; 3, J Wyman’s Walstead Water Lily. sec D— 1, G Price’s Trevallion Princess Jade; 2, C Fall’s Trullingham Darius; 3, D Bright’s Powys Valley Minstrel. NPS Baileys Olympia M&M ridden (J Seymour) sml— 1 & ch L Stewart’s Waitwith Connie; 2, K Lloyd’s Blackthorn Sea Poacher; 3, D Barr’s Waitwith West Wind. sec B/C— 1, D Bright’s Waxwing Rheel; 2, C Williams’s Waxwing Keepsake; 3, S Roberts’s Synod Rufflette. Connemara, New Forest— 1 & res, J Pound/J Parker’s Moorcorner Minstrel II; 2, M Large’s Willoway Patience; 3, K Chappell’s Vernons Valetta. Dales, Fell, Highland— 1, V Hawkins-Smith’s Governor Of Whitefield; 2, The Queen’s Carltonlima Emma; 3, T Good’s Underwoods Icarus. sec D— 1, K Chappell’s Llanfyllin Shooting Star; 2, C Isaac’s Broughton Royal Pride; 3, Menai Stud’s Menai Sparkling Imperial. Picton novice (Miss B Miller) sml— 1, E Saxton’s Nantydywyll Alerch; 2, J Somerset’s Cranford Hector; 3, D Hollinshead’s Checkleybank Edgar. sec B/C— 1, M James’s Ty’reos Casanova; 2, M Tooze’s Rhydspence Rhythm, 3, Llanina Easter Melody. Connemara, New Forest— 1 & res, V Hawkins-Smith’s Dior Marches On; 2, C Sutton’s Rickamore Monty; 3, K Humble’s Oakfield Jack The Lad. Dales, Fell, Highland— 1, K Knock’s Inglegarth Solo; 2, G Hutchings’s Strathleven Donal; 3, P Davis’s Imogen Of Carlung. sec D— 1 & ch, M Kendall’s Parc Carrera; 2, H Perry’s Fochnant Lia; 3, M Large’s Willoway Roger’s Realm. HOYS M&M LR (R Templeton/D Spears)— 1, K Carter’s Abbeybells Queen Adelaide; 2 & ch, S Perham’s Rosmarche Hollyoak; 3, C Ward’s Uppacott Hermitage. FR— 1 & res, J Cambray’s Roseisle Something Blue; 2, C Ward’s Uppacott Puligny; 3, C Gibbard’s Rosmarche Hemlock. NPS Micor Demolition M&M LR (Mrs J Williams)— 1, C Shillibier-Smith’s Colne Tantivy; 2, D Pickering’s Finglebridge Flash Harry; 3, L Byrtt’s Dillymore Braveheart. FR— 1 & ch, J Hawkins’s Roseisle Samantha; 2 & res, M Nevin’s Wernderris Relish; 3, Rosmarche Hollyoak. NPS Novice M&M LR (R Miller)— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Wilson’s Thistledown Popstar; 2, Menai Stud’s Friarly Flyaway; 3, C Ward’s Uppacott Thelema Mountain. FR— 1 & res, D Plumb’s Blacknest Prince Hal; 2, Mr & Mrs Wilson’s Ceffyl Llwyd Snowdrop; 3, C Ward’s Uppacott Cote Rotie. NPS SP/SHP LR (M Jones)— 1, L Byrtt’s Rhydgwilliam Audra; 2, A King’s Barkway Mimosa. FR— 1, 1 & ch, D L Thomas’s Fofsway Flutter; 2 & res, C Horton’s Megland Vision; 3, B Moore’s Cot Little Lord. NPS nov ridden SP/SHP mixed height— 1, C Shah’s Diamonds Lucky Star; 2, S Kinnerly’s Romany River Rah; 3, K Knock’s Goresmead Bacchus. BSPS LR— 1 & res, A Rees’s Treowen Chanita; 2, N Pitman’s Courtway Promise; 3, S Cresswell’s Talgoed Honey Blossom. do FR— 1 & ch, E Meer’s Woodview Fantasia; 2, K Brar’s Brynvane Kestrel; 3, Treowen Chanita. BSPS mixed height nov SP— 1, A Evans’s Caroworth Penguigan; 2, H Brill’s Warleigh Spot On; 3, K Brar’s Tidesbrook Tom Thumb. SP open 128cm— 1 & ch, J Cambray’s Wyndham Peek-A-Boo; 2, A Harris’s Elwell Master Periwinkle; 3, A Boyle’s Brocklehurst Brambly. 138cm— 1, N Pitman’s Warleigh Star Appeal. 148cm— 1 & res, M J Thomas’s Westhill Chatterbox; 2, Caroworth Penguigan. BSPS mixed height nov SHP (A Shepherd)— 1, B Moore’s Saint Thomas; 2, Warleigh Spot On; 3, G Holder’s Langage Spring Bubble. SHP LR— 1, C Shillibier-Smith’s Cherrytop Moonlight Lady; 2, Talgoed Honey Blossom; 3, C Day’s Whitmore Jasper. 122cm— 1, Brynvane Kestrel; 2, E Meer’s Annandale Darcy; 3, C Frost’s Twylands Paean. 133cm— 1, L David-Jenkins’s Westerby Dragonfly; 2, Langage Spring Bubble; 3, Warleigh Star Appeal. 143cm— 1 & ch, Saint Thomas; 2, MJ Thomas’s Hackamoor The Bees Knees; 3, J Dawe’s Country Dancer. 153cm— 1 & ch, J Thompson’s CB Esquire; 2, A Douglas’s Ferramor Diplomat. NPS jnr ridden sml (Mrs J Williams)— 1 & ch, S Leadbitter’s Thornberry Serin; 2 & res, Roseisle Samantha; 3, A Bowlby’s Moortown Hamish. 138cm— 1, N Walters’s Shipton Charisma; 2, Acreknowe Firecracker; 3, A Rickerby’s Hesworth Topaz. exc 138cm— 1, S Andree-Parsons’s Sabinas Bright Light; 2, Westonhouse Seamus; 3, Inglegarth Solo. HOYS M&M WHP 122cm (H Thomas, E Coates)— 1, N Stephens’s Clements Mayflower; 2, H Brill’s Stowbrook Snipe; 3, J Guy’s Highland Jury. 138cm— 1 & ch, R Proud’s Georgian Dorian; 2, L Booth’s Woodrow Portman; 3, F Goodsir’s Falfield Silver Slipper. exc 138cm— 1 & res, J Wormall’s Pebbly Dun Nicely; 2, F Goodsir’s The Quiet Man; 3, Wayland Loganberry. NPS Area 25 open M&M WHP 122cm (B Miller, R James)— 1, Clements Mayflower; 2, C Stuart’s Gryngallt Playsome; 3, W Foot’s Larchgrove Isabella. 138cm— 1 & res, J Richards’s Rosedale Diplomat; 2, G Gould’s Gunthwaite Juniper; 3, D Ward’s Peasedown Pinging Popcorn. exc 138cm— 1 & ch, J Wormall’s Cathael Bay Girl; 2, K Donnavhie’s Thunder Rebel; 3, Wayland Loganberry. Follywood int 122cm— 1, Clements Mayflower; 2, G Gould’s Windeway Stars & Stripes; 3, Yaverland Chieftain. 138cm— 1, Williams/Nash’s Dramway Miss Pippin; 2, Ty’reos Lili; 3, S Davies/N Smith’s Ponts Green Jura. exc 138cm— 1, Wayland Loganberry; 2, S Roberts’s Hardy Rocks; 3, Thunder Rebel. nov 122cm (D Jordan)— 1, S Goodman’s Waitwith Jim Jam; 2, Windleway Stars & Stripes; 3, C Rees’s Dunmere Ptarmigan. 138cm— 1, L Bracey’s Stockham Nicholi; 2, Ponts Green Jura; 3, R Proud’s Baloo Pebbly. exc 138cm— 1, A Douglas’s Dunedin Monarch; 2, D Ward’s Court Emanda; 3, A Duff’s Glanvyrwy Teleri. jnr 138cm (A Robertson/L Hilliard)— 1 & ch, Shipton Charisma, 2, T Pritchard’s Priestwood Panache; 3, H Jeans’s Giliff Dafydd. 148cm— 1 & res, M Kendall’s Brynsleigh Seren; 2, E Launder’s Rozamie Arron; 3, A Fitzsimons’s Rosmeen Chameleon. FR WHP (D Jordan/L Hilliard)— 1, J Robinson’s Shilstone Rocks Day Star; 2, Priestwood Panache; 3, J Hawkins’s Bureside Quake. M&M WHP (D Brewer) Exmoor— 1, Dramway Miss Pippin; 2, R Jarvis’s Dunsmore Balcarron; 3, L Larkman’s Elsinore Simon Sparrow. do in-hand, y’ling— 1, A Whittle’s Teagle Pendragon’s Puffin; 2, J Churchill’s Annabelle. 2/3-y-o— 1, A Whittle’s Coedywern Juniper. mare/gelding 4-y-o & over— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs D Thomas’s Harebell; 2, Dramway Miss Pippin; 3, Waltersgay Kingfisher. do stallion— 1 & ch, S Poulter’s Flying Buttress; 2, K Lloyd’s Blackthorn Sea Poacher. NPS Exmoor M&M LR— 1, S Cresswell’s Stowbrook Wizard. do FR— 1, Williams/Nash’s Blackthorn Sea Pink; 2, Stowbrook Wizard. do nov ridden— 1, Flying Buttress. do— 1, Elsinore Simon Sparrow; 2, Flying Buttress; 3, R Jarvis’s Pernod. do open— 1, Dramway Miss Pippin; 2, Pernod; 3, Blackthorn Sea Pink. do jnr ridden— 1, Blackthorn Sea Pink; 2, Stowbrook Wizard. M&M in-hand (J Williams) sml, y’stk— 1 & res, S Branfield’s Jananda Braveheart; 2, A Cooke’s Blackhill Gemstone; 3, Annabelle. do 4-y-o & over— 1, K Ponsford’s Kiltinane Monica; 2, J Salter’s Craydon Bambinella; 3, P & J Drinkwater’s Jenta of Jopa. lge y’stk— 1, N Oge’s Rushmoor Smokey Joe. do 4-y-o & over— 1 & ch & 3, M Dando’s Crofter Of Kewstoke & Iona Of Kewstoke; 2, Willoway Patience. miniature Shetland— 1 & 3, P & J Drinkwater’s Jenta Of Jopa & Jamilla Of Jopa; 2, B Adams’s Bermar Minnie Mouse. home-produced in-hand M&M (R Miller) sml— 1, Jananda Braveheart; 2, B Walker’s Fernridge Curlew; 3, K Knock’s Drakesleet. do lge— 1, ch & British Isles ch, Loughfadda Hollymount Styler; 2, T Good’s Murthwaite Bobby’s Last; 3, Inglegarth Solo. NPS SP/SHP ridden (D Porter) 128cm— 1, Elwell Master Periwinkle; 2, Reynolds’s Nuccios Jewel; 3, K Knock’s Wychenlea Accolade. 138cm— 1, M Tooze’s Vanilla Sky. 153cm— 1 & ch, D Thomas’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 2, Lady Guise’s Sandhills Scallywag; 3, Westhill Chatterbox. NPS RP in-hand y’stk— 1 & res, Lowland Party Girl; 2, P Shepheard’s Hideaway Impossible Dream; 3, A Drake’s Hightopps Magic Queen. 4-y-o & over— 1 & ch, J Busch’s Strinesdale Mastermind; 2, C Morris’s Wrigley Titania. NPS home-prod RP in-hand (J Cooper) y’ling— 1 & res, J Roberts’s Windbush Razmataz; 2, Hideaway Impossible Dream. 2/3-y-o— 1 & ch, Lowland Party Girl; 2, P Shepheard’s Hideaway Lilac Time; 3, Hightopps Magic Queen. HP 4-y-o & over— 1 & res, Diamonds Lucky Star. 2/3-y-o— 1 & ch, J Busch’s Dounhills Storm Burst; 2, M Dibden’s Ashley Attraction