New rules for working hunters

  • Working hunter exhibitors can look forward to enjoying two bites of the cherry during the 2003 season following a recent rule change by Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB (GB)) which allows riders to compete on two horses for the first time.

    Other changes to working hunter rules include a reduction in the minimum height of horses from exceeding 15hh to exceeding 14.2hh to enable “small hunters” to compete.

    The rule changes apply at qualifiers and finals alike, enabling successful riders to qualify and ride two horses at the Royal International Horse Show and the Horse of the Year Show.

    Kim Hall, general secretary of SHB (GB) explains: “Riders can now enter two horses in an affiliated working hunter class. They can ride both horses in the jumping phase, but if the judge calls both horses back for the second phase, the rider has to choose which of the two to ride.”

    The rule changes have been introduced to increase the number of horses competing in working classes, while maintaining standards and ideal numbers forward to the society’s finals.

    “We hope the changes will encourage more members to compete in working classes and increase entry levels at qualifiers and county shows,” says Kim. “The changes have been well received by competitors.”

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