HOYS groom’s blog: waving off the first lorry load

  • The Moor Farm team has been preparing for Horse of the Year Show week all season. Yesterday we had five show hunters to get ready and send off to HOYS, ready for their classes starting at 7am this morning. The first lorry load is often the worst as we pack tack and equipment for the whole week, as well as the first group of horses.

    Each of the horses is turned out for an hour or so and then worked before they leave because exercise times at HOYS are limited. We also use this time to check that there are no last minute issues, such as loose shoes (more on this later!). The horses then have a bath, while their stable rugs are packed up and loaded into the lorry.

    A local road accident meant the lorry was a little later setting off than planned, but once they were on their way, there was a collective sigh of relief from the team remaining on the yard. No more worrying that something hasn’t been packed or whether each horse is looking its absolute best. We could grab a spot of lunch… and then start planning for tomorrow!

    Of course the other horses still need turnout or exercise. I was lucky enough to have been allocated The Humdinger to hack out. I ride some lovely horses as part of my job, but the Moor Farm horses really are a cut above.

    Dinger is such a happy little horse and almost always has his ears pricked when he is being ridden. He also attracts a lot of admiring looks from the people we pass, which makes riding him a real joy.

    The hacking here involves a fairly busy road, so we are lucky that most of the drivers are very courteous and we’re very careful to make sure we thank them all. It makes such a difference to the horses to have this variety in their work.

    There is a running joke on the yard that each and every horse knows exactly when HOYS is and they have great fun ‘challenging’ the grooms. As if on cue, one of the horses due to travel to HOYS today had managed to throw a shoe in the field. Why is it that the farrier never answers the phone first time in an emergency?? Luckily, a farrier was able to pop in yesterday evening so that little drama has been dealt with.

    There are going to be a lot of early starts this week and we will be eagerly awaiting reports from the show. Hopefully you will see Moor Farm featured in the H&H live results feed.


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