Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: relaxing at Polo in the Park

  • Well after all the excitement of last weekend, this week has certainly been a lot calmer and, to be honest, it has been good to have a bit of a break.

    Jacob, who has returned to his ‘top of the yard’ position since qualifying for HOYS, has been enjoying some well deserved time off, while everybody has been concentrated their efforts on the others.

    Sandy, my young section B, has been going great guns, but as it is with youngsters, there has been a case of going two steps forward and one back. We have started learning our canter aids and after our first canter my mum remarked ‘he soon will be doing it all the time and won’t want to trot’. How right she was!

    We are now having some great transitions to canter around the school, but unfortunately most the time we are suppose to be trotting. All he seems to want to do now is offer me canter. Youngsters — who’d have them! To combat this we are now working on our trot — I am sure we will go through the wrong leg stage next.

    On Saturday I worked first thing in the morning in London, then jumped on a train to go and judge locally. It was a lovely venue and there some very good riders there.

    Claire took Spud and Major off to their last RIHS qualifier on the Sunday, but as it was a bit last minute I had already made plans, so the boys were ridden by Stephen and Becky Penny instead. Sadly no tickets were had with Major coming 4th and Spud picking up another 2nd — what an unlucky pony he is, he should gain a ticket for being so consistent!

    With a day off from shows, I headed into London with some friends for Polo In The Park. It was a great day out, but having never watched the polo before I can’t say I knew what was really going on. Think I will stick to showing instead!

    After a weekend off, we are heading to two shows this weekend: South of England, one of my favourites of the season, and NPS 24 in the New Forest.

    Hope to see some of you there!


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