Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: busy times and sashes galore

  • The last few weekends have really flown by and it seems I have attended an endless amount of shows, both riding and judging. Thank goodness I had last weekend off and a chance to catch up on some sleep!

    Pop has also had the last few weekends off and it was good to give his young joints a rest from the hard ground. But before his break he managed to surpass himself by being reserve supreme at BSPS Area 14. He had a great day being Picton champion at his first attempt, which is great as that’s what I am really aiming him at this year, and then also being reserve open champion. He won himself three sashes — he has obviously got himself a taste for the scarves! I also took Sandy along to the show, where he also won his Picton class and was 3rd in a mixed breed novice class.

    After that I was non-stop riding the Dartmoor stallion, Foxleat Victory (Vic). Vic has started to notch up some good results being 2nd at Heathfield and 2nd in his RIHS class at the New Forest. He was obviously on a blue run, but I was pleased as we seem to have started to get it together!

    With Pop having some time off, I’ve been making the most of the chance to take Sandy out. He also went down to the New Forest for his RIHS class. As I was riding Vic in the class before, Steven very kindly lunged Sandy for me, but after having a little slip, he certainly wasn’t right behind, so it was straight back to the lorry for him! Since coming back from the show he has had his back done, which was very out and now he seems to be, fingers crossed, back to his normal self.

    We also took Francis, my Dartmoor, to his first ever show. I was thrilled with how easy and well behaved he was — a quick trot round and straight into the ring — I could do with more of these! We had a slight issue with our canter lead on the left rein but I was still really pleased with how he behaved. Now we just need a bit more schooling, a bit more weight and for him to finally loose all his coat and I think we will be away. I could also do with a little child to do first ridden classes on him, as my bunches days are passed (just), but I am not to sure where I can find one of them…

    After two manic weekends, it was nice to have a weekend without any shows and some time to just have a bit of fun with the ponies. It was also nice to see some rain at last and for once I didn’t moan when I got soaked to the skin (twice!) while riding.

    This weekend I’m riding at South of England show, which is one of my favourites. It is my first HOYS qualifier of the year and I can’t wait. Good luck if you’re out and about, let’s hope we don’t get too wet!


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