BRITISH CONNEMARA IN-HAND BREED Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs, 19 July
y’stk (J Beverley Jones) 3-y-o geld— 1 & res, A Harries & P Harrison’s Hayselden Ion; 2, Lady Palmar’s McColl; 3, A Raisbeck’s Nire Valley Jesse. 2-y-o do— 1 & ch, B Mogford’s Walstead Page Boy; 2, R Garland’s Blackthorn Picasso; 3, C Trofer’s Killiney Gandolf. y’ling do— 1, L Gray’s Atlantic Apollo; 2, F Tyler’s Riversdale Beau’s Boy; 3, M Murphy’s Sandbarton Dazzler. y’ling colt— 1 & ch, J Tomlinson’s Fly The Last Flute; 2, C Ireland’s Haselor Cormack; 3, J Walsh’s Blackthorn Pageant. do filly— 1 & res, M Hezel’s Croftbank Moonflower; 2, E Vincent’s Damerel Diamond; 3, S Cheyne’s Heather’s Justine. 2-y-o filly— 1, A Wight’s Dart Dragonfly; 2, W Aird’s Falfield Beeleaf; 3, M Jeffery’s Crossowen Storm 3-y-o do— 1 & y’stk ch, S Hodgkins’ Spinway Gracious;. 2, C Fletcher’s Carlingford Illusion; 3, S Cheyne’s Heather’s Honey. 2-y-o colt/stallion— 1, M & T Pearce’s Just For Fun; 2, S Field’s Kilimazing Realt’or. 3-y-o stallion— 1 & res y’stk, F Tyler’s Shipton Merlin; 2, K Faulkner’s Arann Diamond; 3, C Rushforth & J Smyth’s Scottsway Stormy Sunset. progeny group (J Beverley Jones, B Miller) stallion— 1, Heather’s Dino. stallions (B Miller) 4-5-y-o— 1, C Saynor’s Liscaninane Boy. 6-y-o & over— 1 & sup, J Webb’s Bunowen Castle Ri; 2 & res, A Fitzsimons’ Killary Cashel; 3, R Kellaway’s Pilgrims Excalibur. b’mare (B Miller) with cert of service— 1, ch & res sup, H Somerset & E Gordon’s Falfield Honeybear; 2, H Knight & Lady C Vestey’s Silver Blossom; 3, C Jones’s Ellabelles Cashel. nov 4-y-o & over— 1, C Jones’s Ellabelles Cashel; 2, C Bryson’s Spinway Dusk; 3, C Ireland’s Atlantic Dove. 4-8-y-o— 1, J Johnson’s Pilgrim Aeriel; 2, Atlantic Dove. 9-13-y-o— 1, A Gibbs’ Rockmor Kennedy; 2, J Parry’s Kingstown Fort; 3, W Hodge’s Castlestrange Sparrow Hill. 14-y-o & over— 1 & res, W Aird’s Falfield Honeybee; 2, T Fawcett’s Foxburn Cuishle; 3, C Fletcher’s Carlingford Cadet. colt foal— 1 & ch, W Aird’s: 2, S Burt’s; 3, J Parry’s Dinarth Hall Digger. filly do— 1 & res, C Fletcher’s; 2, W Hodge’s Kirtle Jenny Wren; 3, T Fawcett’s Kilimazing Kitty Kiss. non-breeding stock (M Lawrence) mare— 1 & ch, R Blackburn’s Glencarrig Eleanor; 2 & res, A Kelly & S Burt’s Walstead Amaryllis. gelding— 1, T & M Pearce’s Phiman Solar Eclipse. part-bred— 1, C Bryson’s Kilmiston Simply Supreme; 2, C Bryson’s Kilmiston Smarty Pants; 3, C Ireland’s Haselor Maytime. Tam-O-Shanter ch ( M Lawrence) b’mare— 1, J Johnson’s Pilgrims Aeriel; 2, R Kellaway’s Fuchsia Fayre; 3, C Rushforth & J Smyth’s Mafia. 3-y-o— 1 & ch, A Harries & P Harrison’s Hayselden Ion; 2, K Faulkner’s Arran Diamond; 3, J Sutton’s Tiercel Tiger Moth. 2-y-o— 1 & res, W Aird’s Falfield Beeleaf; 2, B Mogford’s Walstead Page Boy. y’ling— 1, Fly The Last Flute; 2, C Ireland’s Haselor Cormack; 3, L Gray’s Atlantic Apollo.