Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Extra Strength Shampoo: ‘long-lasting and effective’ 9/10

Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Extra Strength Shampoo


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Carr & Day & Martin

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Welcome to our group test of horse shampoos. All of the shampoos in this group test have been put through their paces by dressage rider Jamie Broom and his wife Georgi, who run a busy livery and training yard near Windsor. Find out what they thought below.

Official description

The Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Extra Strength Shampoo has an extra thick consistency that has double the amount of active ingredients for a deeper cleaning, perfect for really dirty, greasy or light coloured horses.

First impressions

This looked like a really smart, professional looking bottle and from the description seemed like it would do the job.

Overview of performance

This shampoo worked on every horse — it made the darker horses shine and cleaned my lighter-coloured horses. It also smelled really nice and I didn’t need to use very much to clean the whole horse.

Likes and dislikes

I like that it takes out the overnight stains from a grey horse, but also gives a shine to the darker horse. I also like how concentrated it is, meaning that you only need a small drop in water to give a good bath. If I had a dislike, it is that it doesn’t lather very well on the tail, but it does give a good shine.


This shampoo is good value, long-lasting and can be used on every colour of horse.