Mountain Horse Illusion jacket: ‘flattering and highly reflective’ 9/10

Mountain Horse Illusion jacket


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Mountain Horse

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Welcome to our group test of hi-vis jackets. All of the jackets in this group test have been put through their paces by former eventer turned para dressage rider Tamsin Addison. Find out what she thought below

Official description

The Mountain Horse Illusion jacket is a stylish and warm, padded winter jacket with reflective fabric at upper body both back and front for a high visibility.

First impressions

The jacket looked very well made and has a lot of detail to it. I love the style because you can wear it both on and off the yard.

Overview of performance

It fits the body very well and it complements the your silhouette. It is very comfortable and holds really well in rain and wind. It reflects really well in the dark but doesn’t really stand out if hacking during the day.

Tamsin’s likes and dislikes

I love that it stands really well in the rain, and that you can wear it on and off the yard. It’s not bright, but it reflects really well on the road. It was also flattering, which was an added bonus. The hood can’t be zipped tighter so sometimes the wind blows it off. Overall, I love it and would definitely recommend it — but maybe more for off the yard, dog walking or other outdoor activities, because it looses its USP during the day!


*H&H APPROVED* I loved this jacket — it’s not bright, but it does reflect really well.

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