The Rhino Original: ‘it ticks all the boxes for a cosy winter rug’

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  • Rhino Orginal stable rug


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    • Integrated with pad to lift rug to prevent mane or wither rubs
    • Tough outer 1000D outer
    • Shine enhancing lining
    • Detachable hood, to improve versatility


    • Matching detach neck only available in 150g fill
    • Fit is a bit on the snug side due to neck design

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    Our tester found the Rhino Original stable rug a blessing in the winter months

    If you’re anything like me it takes a lot for me to find anything I enjoy about the winter. However one thing people are always telling me they enjoy about the winter months is tucking their horses away at night, in their stables, with a nice cosy rug. I’m still not sure I really understand this; I’d much prefer it to just be warm enough not to rug! However if I have to put up with sub-zero temperatures the Rhino Original stable rug definitely ticks the boxes of a cosy rug.

    I had the original version of this rug to test. It therefore comes with a standard neck with the option of a neck. The rug is available as an ‘All-In-One’ but for me I much prefer the versatility that a detach neck rug offers. The other standout benefit of the original versus the all-in-one is the cosy fleece collar around the neck with an integrated wither pad to lift the rug which aids in preventing mane or wither rub.

    The one thing I would say is that due to the neck design if I were to order this rug again I would go up a size. I love the neck on the rug, but I do think it would fit my horse better with a bit more room due to the style.

    I love the outer of this rug which is made from a 1000D strong durable material. This has ensured the rug repels any moisture from a wet bed when they my horse lies down and has prevented rips.

    The rug comes in two weights: medium that features a 200g fill and heavy that has a 400g fill. The thermobonded fiberfill claims to offer superior and long lasting heat retention. My horse certainly never seemed to feel the cold in this rug.

    If you decide to use the detach neck with this rug this offers a 150g fill. Some people may be disappointed that there isn’t two versions of the neck, a 150g to go with the medium and a 250g to go with the heavy. I’m not keen on heavy necks as I find that if the horse gets too hot under a neck the mane can start falling out. But I do understand some people with a horse that particularly feels the cold would want a heavier neck fill. The neck is easy to attach and remove (pictured above) and is a good length; it covers the horse to his ears without going over them (pictured below).

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    Overall a super durable rug with a strong outer shell and clever cosy neck design to make it stand out.

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