Rambo vari layered turnout rug: review

Rambo vari layered turnout rug


  • Fit:
  • Performance:


  • • Warm enough but light enough for winter and spring
  • • Close fitting, allowing real ease of movement
  • • Quick drying
  • • Robust neck attachments
  • • Robust and quick to use fastenings


  • • None except cost, but worth it.

Price as reviewed:


Our reviewer thought this a really horse friendly rug

It was difficult to fault this rug. Although the sizing appeared generous the rug did not move all winter, on a horse turned out full time, and ended the season without a scratch. There was not one rug mark on the horse throughout the whole time.

I have always been a fan of the Rambo cleet fastenings over the chest, which make for speedy fitting, particularly useful for a horse like mine that is a ‘nipper’, and for the same reason prefer a straight gullet to leg straps. I liked too the three belly straps, which contributed to the snug fit under the belly. The cut allowed for good movement around the legs.

I normally choose rugs with integral necks for winter, as any detachable neck has always done just that- detached, but the Velcro fastenings on this detachable neck were very heavy duty, and stuck limpid – like all winter despite my horse’s best efforts and was cut sufficiently high to cover the whole mane.

This was certainly a level above my usual rugs. I normally change to lighter rugs in the spring, but this rug, though warm enough for a trace clipped horse over winter, was so light and well fitting, that I used it through until it was time to go naked. This alone justified the cost of this rug. It dried quickly and the reflection strips proved useful too. Altogether a really horse friendly rug.


A brilliant rug, hard to fault

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