A stylish cooler rug your horse will love as much as you do

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  • Rambo Airmax cooler with disk front closure


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    • New disc closure system
    • Smooth outer that doesn't attract shavings or hay
    • Front leg arch


    • A more substantial cooler than some and may be a little too heavy/heating on a very warm summer day

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer was impressed with this smart rug, which is packed full of clever features

    The Rambo Airmax cooler is a seriously smart rug. It isn’t just smart in looks though, it is also packed full of clever features to ensure it also does a superior job.

    It is made of a lovely soft fabric with an inner that wicks moisture away from the horse. My horse finds fleece style rugs itchy and twitches continually in them. If I leave him unattended in the stable wearing one he will rub against the wall and this often results in rips fleeces.

    However he found the material on the Airmax cooler much more tolerable and I was happy to leave him in it in the stable. He is also prone to having a good roll in his stable, especially when he is sweaty. This rug is made from a smooth outer material and shavings and hay weren’t automatically drawn to the material like they are a fleece. When he did have a roll it was easy to shake or brush off any hay, straw or shavings.

    The Horseware front closure system

    I would say this rug is great for the autumn and spring months. However the rug is more substantial than some coolers and I would find it slightly on the heavy side to use on a very hot day in the summer. However it has been a perfect cooler in the autumnal and winter months. It dries my horse then keeps him warm. For me the real value of this rug has been as a travel rug. It keeps the horse warm and comfortable on the journey and is smart and stylish when you arrive.

    The rug I had to test features Horseware’s new front closure system. The disc closure has four closure points and while at first look I thought might be tricky to fasten it is very simple and to me looks to be a more comfortable front closure system for when the horse moves. It is appears a more flexible way to secure the rug without having buckles that could dig in.

    Buy now: the Rambo Airmax cooler from £65.70


    Overall this rug is a lovely smart cooler, which is ideal for show days or as a travel rug

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