Premier Equine padded tail guard with tail bag: ‘the best I tested’ 10/10

Premier Equine padded tail guard with tail bag


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Premier Equine

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Welcome to our group test of tail protectors. All of the tail guards and bags in this group test have been put through their paces by Harriet Rimmer, who runs a livery, schooling and sales yard with a particular focus on hunting. Find out what she thought below

Official description

The Premier Equine padded tail guard with tail bag is made of neoprene with a non-slip lining and has the option of attaching a cotton tail bag to the bottom using Velcro. Four Velcro straps secure the tail guard, while high-rise padding protects the top of the tail, which is most susceptible to rubbing. It is shaped and padded at the top of the tail for total protection. Available in one size, in black, burgundy or navy.

First impressions

It looked simple but well made, and like it would be lightweight and breathable while still offering good protection.

Overview of performance

It was a good shape, fitted very well and had plenty of adjustment space. It was easy to put on and take off — the Velcro was very strong, but this meant very secure. It offered good protection and kept tails very clean. It was good quality, washed well and stayed looking new.

Harriet’s likes and dislikes

I liked the simple, easy-to-apply design and it did exactly the job intended. It fitted the tail really well and was great value for money. I can’t think of any way to improve it — I would definitely recommend it as it was the best I tested.


*H&H APPROVED* Good value for money and does a perfect job.

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