Premier Equine European Cotton GP/Jump Square: ‘good value and really lasts’ 9/10

Premier Equine European Cotton GP/Jump Square


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Premier Equine

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Welcome to our independent group test of numnahs suitable for use with jumping or general purpose saddles. All of the numnahs in this group test have been put through their paces by professional event rider Sam Jennings and her team. Find out what they thought below.

Official description

The European Cotton GP/Jump Square from Premier Equine is a high quality and colourful cotton jumping square suitable for everyday and competition use. Moisture and sweat are drawn through the pad by anti-wick fibers present in the filling. A 600 denier polyester girth panel provides anti-rub protection on this hard working area. It has a high wither design and comes complete with decorative twisted ropes, a cut away hem and double Velcro adjustable straps for practical girthing. The ideal saddle pad for those wanting to make a bold statement in the equestrian field.

First impressions

I really liked the shape and how well it sat on the horse. I thought the design and trim looked smart and it looked like it would be really hard wearing.

Overview of performance

I really put this numnah through the mill by using it multiple times a day in many different scenarios and it proved very hard wearing and never lost its shape. It looked very smart on my horses and although the fabric is thick, it wasn’t ridged at all. I also found that it never picked up any hair even just before the horse was due to be clipped. It also never slipped and was used with all types of jumping saddles.

Likes and dislikes

I really like how well made this numnah is and how well it went through the wash. I also found the Velcro straps at the girth very handy and although I rarely used the top straps as it never moved, they are of a good length to not be restricting in any way.


A great choice for amateurs and and professionals as it is really good value and will last for a long time.