Felix Bühler Breathable Protection Tendon Boots: ‘practical, a good fit and great value’ 9/10

Felix Bühler Breathable Protection Tendon Boots


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Felix Bühler

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Welcome to our new group test of tendon and fetlock boots. All of the protective boots in this group test have been put through their paces by international event rider and BE coach Jo Rimmer. Find out what she thought below.

Official description

The Felix Bühler Breathable Protection Tendon Boots are sporty tendon boots with soft padding made of chloroprene rubber, plus an outer shell made of shock-resistant yet flexible and easy to clean thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material. They have additional impact protection along the tendons and around the fetlock, while air vents along the tendons ensure better air circulation. They are secured with elasticated velcro straps. Available in a choice of five colours.

First impressions

A traditional design of tendon boots with an unusual colour combination. I thought they looked more suitable for every day use than as a competition pair.

Overview of performance

These boots were well designed and fitted a variety of horses well. The Velcro was secure and the way they fastened looked attractive. They went through the wash multiple times and always came out looking really smart.

Likes and dislikes

They fit really well, are easy to use and to keep clean. I am not personally a fan of the colour combination for competition purposes, but they also come in black which would be more suitable for shows.


A very practical, well-designed pair of boots at an exceptionally reasonable price.

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