Albion England Diamond Dressage Square: ‘functional, smart and hard wearing’ 9/10

Albion England Diamond Dressage Square


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Welcome to our independent group test of dressage saddle clothes. All of the saddle cloths in this group test have been thoroughly tested by the team at Wild Farm Equestrian. Find out what they thought below.

Official description

The lightweight Albion England Diamond Dressage Square is smart and durable. It is made from high quality natural cottons, specially designed to complement any saddle, ensuring absolute comfort for your horse.

First impressions

A really well-made, classic design dressage square with d-ring Velcro attachments.

Overview of performance

This numnah performed really well, as you would expect from such a long-standing brand. It held its shape and position, even during the most strenuous of work.

Likes and dislikes

While it was really hard wearing and washed very well, it was also soft on the horse. A really classic style white numnah, smart enough for all occasions or just using at home. Personally I would have liked the d-ring attachments to have been a little longer to have suited some of our dressage saddles better, but this was a small gripe.


I would most definitely recommend this functional, smart and hard wearing saddle pad to others.

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