Brogini Derbyshire Waterproof Country Boots: ‘smart-looking boots’ 4/10

Brogini Derbyshire Waterproof Country Boots


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Welcome to our group test of country boots. All of the boots in this group test have been put through their paces by event rider and BHSII Lisa Spence. Find out what she thought below.

Brogini’s official description

The calf of the Brogini Derbyshire country boots are crafted from a soft and flexible synthetic leather, which needs minimal aftercare and provides a water resistant barrier, while the foot is made from a natural nubuck leather. The Derbyshire boots are fully waterproof up to the middle of the calf thanks to a specially engineered waterproof membrane and waterproof insole.  They have been thoroughly tested to ensure your feet stay dry even in the wettest weather. They are available in both children and adults sizes.

Lisa’s first impressions

Quite smart and I really liked the individual two tone design.

Overview of performance

Not suitable for all day wear as I found they were rather uncomfortable.

Lisa’s likes and dislikes

I found them too tight at the toe and too hard at heel.


I couldn't recommend these to a friend as I found them uncomfortable.

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