Horse & Hound Ask the Vet: Winter 2014

  • In the latest edition of Horse & Hound Ask the Vet magazine, out now, we prepare for the winter months, a particularly testing time for any horse owner. From rainy days, to keeping your horse stabled for longer than usual, we bring you lots of tips and expert advice to help you and your horse get through the colder months. We also bring you reports on colic, Cushing’s disease and first-aid fixes.


    What’s in Horse & Hound Ask the Vet magazine: Winter 2014


    • Winter homework: Clippers and rugs at the ready – key management issues explained
    • Rainy days: The five wet weather problems you need to watch out for
    • Stuck indoors: How to make long hours in the stable as enjoyable as possible
    • Stop that cough: The simple ways to protect your horse’s airways
    • MOT the yard: Your handy checklist for preparing for winter
    • Single focus: Losing an eye isn’t a disaster, as Hickstead winner Adventure De Kannan proves
    • Back from the brink: Why injury doesn’t have to spell the end of yout horse’s career


    • When legs go wrong: How to minimise the risk to vulnerable limbs
    • 8 first-aid fixes: Your guide to coping with emergencies before the vet arrives
    • All the kit: Make sure you have all the right gear for dealing with an injury
    • Guard against colic: Lower this risk of this killer illness during the winter months
    • Beat the burden: The new test for tapeworm
    • Tummy troubles: Why feeding before exercise can help with painful gastric ulcers
    • Lumpy bumpy: All you need to know about pesky skin conditions
    • Older and wiser: Five things to watch out for in your competing veteran
    • Generation game: Why youngsters can suffer from Cushing’s disease too
    • A bony issue: Could kissing spines behind your horse’s loss of performance?


    • Managing the menu: From a poor doer to a fussy eater and a veteran cob – common feeding dilemmas solved
    • Just eat: The key ingredients in a feed bag and why they are so important
    • Feet on the ground: The pros and cons of keeping horses barefoot
    • To shoe or not to shoe?: Farrier Steve White on why barefoot won’t suit every horse
    • King of Kinesio: How sticky tape can transform the way your horse moves
    • Water works: Why spas are so good at fixing equine injuries
    • Road runner: How to keep a travelling horse healthy
    • SOS: How riders coped when journeys in their horseboxes took a sinister turn
    • Winter weapons: The items top riders swear by during the cold season
    • Simple solutions: H&H readers share their tips for survuving winter
    • Passing the test: Why having a horse vetted isn’t as simple as pass or fail
    • Maternity leave: The crucial things to consider before breeding from your mare
    • Texts from horse: A little light relief


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