What’s new: Three-in-one bridle

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  • Following extensive developments to saddles in recent years, increasingly innovative bridles are now coming on the market.

    Bridles such as Albion’s KB, which is designed to ease the pressure on the horse’s sensitive poll and ears, and Thorowgood’s All-Weather Bridle, which looks like leather but only needs a quick wipe to clean, have been joined by a new offering from Barnsby.

    The company’s three-in-one bridle has been designed with interchangable drop, grakle and flash nosebands, which can be swapped for each other without removing the bridle from the horse’s head.

    This could prove particularly useful when schooling or competing in an event such as combined training when different nosebands may be needed for the various phases of the competition.

    The nosebands are attached to the rest of the bridle by buckles on both sides of the horse’s head, instead of the traditional single strap and buckle. This makes it much quicker and simpler to replace one noseband for another than with a traditional bridle.

    The three-in-one also features the “CB Comfort” headpiece, which encloses the strap that the noseband is attached to inside a softly padded crownpiece designed to reduce pressure on the poll and eliminate pinching.

    The bridle is available in black or brown with black trim with brass buckles in pony, cob and full sizes.

    The three-in-one bridle, which comes with all three nosebands and rubber reins, costs approximately £150.

    For more information contact (tel: 01922 621676).

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