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  • Liquid Ice EQ is a re-usable cold compression bandage (2.4m by 10cm), which has been designed to draw out heat, helping increase the speed of recovery from strains, sprains, bruising and swollen limbs, without damaging the tissue.

    The stretch cotton bandage is impregnated with a “Liquid Ice” solution, which turns cold when applied to the horse’s leg. Because the bandage is flexible, moulds to the horse’s leg and sticks to itself, it is more comfortable and convenient to use than a conventional icepack.

    Unlike other cold packs and preparations, Liquid Ice gets colder during the first 15 mins after application and then stays cold for up to two hours.

    The bandage’s cooling properties can be restored by soaking it in a little Liquid Ice mixed with water, then squeezing out the excess fluid before application.

    Liz Clegg, from HHO’s sister magazine, Eventing, put this product to the test and says: “This bandage had enough stretch and grip to be easy to put on but still came off intact. You can use it straight away in an emergency, and recharging takes just a few minutes with a small amount of the fluid in water.

    “When you first put it on, it feels ice-cold and damp, but instead of warming up it actually gets even colder. We bandaged our equine patient twice a day for a week and the bottle of Liquid Ice still isn’t finished. Not cheap but highly effective.”

    The Liquid Ice bandage costs around £9.95, while the recharging fluid will set you back about £29.

    Contact EquiPlus (tel: 01373 473989) or visit: www.liquidiceEQ.com

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