What’s new: Easy-wash harness

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  • The new easy-wash single driving harness is ideal for busy drivers who simply don’t have the time to clean miles of leatherwork after every drive.

    Made from a soft weave webbing material that is one-and-a-half times stronger than traditional leather, the new easy-wash harness from Libbys is the perfect option for drivers who intend to remain active this winter.

    The harness, which is machine washable on a standard cycle, includes soft ‘poly-pad’ padding at body contact points such as the chest collar, dock and breeching, offering comfort for your horse.

    Each harness will be made to order and Libbys will be supplying a special measurement sheet to ensure a perfect fit, although every harness will be fully adjustable.

    Available in 14 colours, with optional extras such as quick release traces available, the cost of the basic harness is around £156.

    For more details contact (01842) 752020 or visit: www.libbys-tack.com

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