Equestrian clothing company Carrots has released a new triple pack of socks to help keep riders cosy this winter.

The pack contains 3 pairs of knee-high socks featuring different patterns designed by Bang on the Door.

The socks feature a stretchy calf to fit all sizes and a padded sole.

“The triple pack of equestrian-themed socks is fun and funky and will be sure to jazz up any sock drawer,” said a spokesman for Carrots.

“Depending on your mood you can choose from ‘My Lucky Socks’, ‘Cool Pony Girl’ or a simple horseshoe design, perfect for every equestrian eventuality.”

The socks are available in 2 different size brackets for children (12 – 3) and for adults (4 – 7) and cost from £15.

Visit www.carrotsuk.com