An alternative to traditional hi-viz clothing, Triviz, has won the Red Dot product design award 2013.

Triviz is a “self-contained, removable electroluminescent lighting panel” in the shape of a triangle that attaches to jackets and backpacks made by manufacturers Proviz.

The triangle emits a blue light created by specially treated phospor and its response to an electric current – but doesn’t produce any heat – says the company.

The Triviz triangle is charged by USB and contains a lithium rechargeable battery.

Proviz was set up by brothers Anthony and Rupert Langly-Smith, keen cyclists who “wanted to find a better solution than traditional high viz with reflective strips”.

“An old school friend used to use electroluminescent lighting in outdoor advertising and we thought that there had to be a way to use this on clothing for cyclists,” said Rupert Langly-Smith.

“It seemed a perfect and obvious solution. It is very durable, won’t break easily and much more effective than traditional LED lighting.”

Part of the “Nightrider” range, the Triviz triangle costs £29.99.

The Red Dot product design awards are judged by a panel of experts across 19 categories.

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