7 new products to treat your horse to

This week’s new to the market round up features products from Spillers, ArdMoor, Nuumed, Albutt, Natural Vet Nutrition, Saracen Horse Feeds and Smart Horse Nutrition: 

Spillers unveils six new balancers


Spillers has unveiled a range of six new and improved, clearly named balancers to help horse owners easily choose the ideal combination of nutrients to balance their horses’ diets every day. These include: Daily Balancer, Lite + Lean Balancer, Original Multi Balancer, Pro Performance Balancer, Supple + Senior Balancer and Gro N’ Win Stud Balancer – all of which clearly reflect their roles. Each balancer has been formulated with the base diet at the heart of the process.

Visit: www.spillers-feeds.com

ArdMoor launches new equestrian range


ArdMoor has recently announced its expansion into the equestrian sector to provide a variety of equestrian clothing, equipment and horse wear at competitive prices. Some of the brands included in ArdMoor’s equestrian offering are Musto, Caldene, Harry Hall, Mountain Horse and Cottage Craft.

Visit: www.ardmoor.co.uk

Willberry Wonder Pony Saddlepads


NuuMed have created three Willberry Wonder Pony Saddlepads to help raise funds for Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity, the charity set up by young event rider Hannah Francis. The styles available cater for dressage, close contact and general purpose saddle designs, so whatever sport you participate in, you can ride with Willberry. All Willberry Wonder Pony Saddlepads are HiWither, meaning that the shape removes pressure from across the withers and behind the saddle, for maximum comfort for the horse. They’re made using quality quilt and have the Willberry logo embroidered on one side.

RRP: £36

Visit: www.nuumed.com

Equi Skip


This skip is ideal for use on equestrian facilities as it holds large volumes of straw or shaving muck. This is a clean and efficient way of dealing with stable waste. The skip features quick release brackets to suit telehandlers or loaders. It is heavy duty and has a 2.5m3 capacity.

RRP: £2438

Visit: www.albutt.com



This natural product is derived from the super-food wheat germ and is safe to use and handle. The product helps to create a sparkling coat and maintain intestinal health. It is an effective calming product for seasonally moody mares and fractious horses.

Visit: www.naturalvetnutrition.co.uk

Saracen Horse Feeds KERX EO∙3


KERX EO∙3 is a unique source of omega 3 fatty acids, derived from marine sources that are more readily digested and absorbed, ready for utilization. The supplement can help to maintain an optimal omega 3:6 fatty acids ratio and is particularly useful for horses affected by seasonal skin irritations and reactions.

RRP: £55.44 (946ml)

Visit: www.saracenhorsefeeds.com

Smart Horse Nutrition


Smart Horse Nutrition is a new feed company that aims to allow you to take control of your horse’s diet. According to Smart Horse Nutrition, there are two key elements that are missing in the diet of a horse fed on an un-supplemented forage based diet: micro nutrients (key vitamins and minerals that are unlikely to be in sufficient supply in forage) and macro nutrients (protein and energy), that are needed for reproduction, growth and an intense work load.

Visit: www.smarthorsenutrition.com

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