Nettex launches new sun block for horses

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  • Summer is on its way, and Nettex has launched a new sun block to protect your horse.

    “While summer is a season that every horse owner looks forward to, warmer weather doesn’t come without its problems for our equine friends,” said a spokesman for the company. “As well as coping with flies, some horses are prone to getting sunburnt, in particular those with areas of pink skin.”

    Nettex Sun Block protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays to avoid the painful cracking and blistering of the skin that sunburn causes.

    The cream can be applied liberally to the the muzzle and any other vulnerable areas to protect your horse in the field, out hacking or during long show days. One application will provide all-day protection, says Nettex.

    The sun block contains aloe vera and tea tree oil making it kind and soothing for even the most sensitive skin.

    The sun block costs £15.50.

    For more information visit www.nettexequine.com

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