11 brand new pieces of kit for you and your horse you need to see *PICTURES*

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  • From spurs to rugs and girths we present to you the newest equestrian kit on the market today

    Neue Schule SpurSMART Spurs


    Neue Schule SpurSMART Spurs offer high quality with beautiful styling, resulting in a classically elegant look appropriate for a wide range of disciplines. Cast in one mold using high-grade stainless steel to ensure durability without losing flexibility, allowing a perfect fit even on the slimmest of boots. The recessed strap shelf formed by the Neue Schule logo allows better fitting on the rider’s boot; reducing pressure points or rubs and encouraging the strap to sit comfortably and correctly over the boot.
    RRP: £47
    Visit: www.nsbits.com

    Sprenger Black Ultra Fit Extra Grip Spurs

    2. Ultra fit extra grip BLACK

    Sprenger has added a new black series to its popular Ultra Fit Extra Grip spurs. Offering a modern, streamline look these matt black stainless steel spurs have a Balkenhol fastening and unique rubber cover to ensure they fit perfectly to your riding boots, while still giving maximum effect.
    RRP: £70
    Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

    Sprenger 12mm HO Weymouth bit

    3. HO Weymouth 12mm

    Due to demand Sprenger has introduced new 12mm versions of its HO Weymouth bit. The bit’s slanting mouthpiece and smooth, rounded port is angled forward to give even distribution of pressure on the tongue. Suitable for horses that dislike tongue pressure.
    RRP: £265
    Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

    WOW Supercool Saddlecloths

    4. Supercool Jumping GP

    Supercool Saddlecloths, part of the WOW Saddles accessories range, are made from a 3D spacer fabric which literally keeps a layer of air between your saddle and your horse. The space that the fabric provides allows sweat to be wicked away from your horse and evaporate, keeping him dry. This is a unique, light, breathable saddle pad that works well under all saddle brands. Available in black and white, in either dressage or GP styles.
    RRP: £75
    Visit: www.wowsaddles.com or call 01227 831614

    Fiebing’s UV Leather Shield

    5. UV Leather Shield

    Fiebing’s UV Leather Shield from Abbey England is suitable for smooth leathers which are exposed to direct sunlight. This quality product will protect the colour of your leather from fading. Fiebing’s UV Leather Shield is available in a 236ml bottle.
    RRP: £6.95
    Visit: www.abbeyengland.com or call 01565 650343

    Amigo Hero 6 Petite Plus Turnout/Stable rug

    Amigo Hero 6 Petite Plus Turnout

    For chilly days out in the paddock, Horseware have the Amigo Hero 6 Petite Plus turnout, complete with front leg arches; and made from tough, waterproof and breathable 600D outer. To complete the Petite Plus Range look, Horseware designed the Amigo Petite Plus Stable, made from durable and breathable 600D to keep them snug in the stable. Both are lined with a smooth, shine enhancing polyester inner and 200G of fibre-fill to keep them cosy. Classic front closure, detachable hood and cross surcingles as standard.
    RRP: £80 (turnout) and £65 (stable)
    Visit: www.horseware.com

    Amigo Petite Cosy Stable

    AMIGO Petite Cosy Stable

    For the coldest of days, the Amigo Petite Cosy Stable will keep horses snug as a bug. Made from a durable and breathable 600D outer, it’s complete with a super cosy padded fleece collar for added warmth and 350G of fibre-fill, making it the ultimate choice for the petites for the chilliest temperatures. Complete with a smooth, shine enhancing polyester lining, classic front closure and cross surcingles as standard.
    RRP: £69
    Visit: www.horseware.com

    Amigo Petite Show Rug


    For the competitive petites,Horseware’s Amigo Petite Show Rug will have them looking smart from the moment they step off the lorry. Made from a high wicking and breathable wool like outer, it’s perfect for customizing, with gorgeous leather front closures, decorative double cording trim detailing and a hidden surcingle for a secure fit. The perfect rug for a championship feel.
    RRP: £85
    Visit: www.horseware.com

    Amigo Petite Jersey Cooler


    To complete the range, Horseware have taken their classic Amigo Jersey Cooler and shrunk it down to make the Amigo Petite Jersey Cooler. Made from breathable brushed polyester that effectively wicks away moisture while keeping your petite warm. Classic single front closure with a hidden surcingle for a secure fit. The perfect choice for the travelling or active petite.
    RRP: £29
    Visit: www.horseware.com

    Made to order girth service from Kate Negus Saddlery

    11. Long Stud Girth

    Kate Negus Saddlery is delighted to introduce the new made-to-order girth service available from the company – created to give customers ultimate flexibility.This new service will replace the ready made girths available to give riders more options when it comes to colour and style combinations. The main styles of girth will be available (Long Stud Girth, Short Stud Girth, Dressage Girth and Atherstone Girth) to order in any size required, and other girth styles can also be created.
    RRP: from £180
    Visit: www.katenegus.com or call 0780 115 0571

    Childéric Silhouette Girth

    12. Childéric S GIRTH emailer

    To achieve the perfect outline when it comes to your girth choice, the Childéric Silhouette Girth is a super stylish dressage girth, which has been designed to help solve the problem of saddles moving forward. Most saddles move forward because the build and movement of the horse is such that the girth cannot stay back and therefore wants to move and take with it the saddle. Created to utilize the power and shape of the horse, this girth has been designed to help keep the girth and ultimately the saddle in the ideal place for the horse and rider. This girth also helps the even distribution of pressure even on a horse’s narrow girthing area and helps prevent bruising of the sternum, whilst giving consistent support. The girth can also be adjusted in width for a bespoke fit if required.
    RRP: from £240
    Visit: www.childericsaddles.co.uk

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