Pammy Hutton: ‘Judges’ remarks can destroy confidence’ *H&H Plus*

  • In her exclusive H&H column, Pammy Hutton reflect on the importance of attention to detail, asks whether standardisation of judges’ comments would improve the sport and thanks those going to extra efforts to hold shows in these challenging times

    FIFTY years ago, and long before Bridget Jones, I opened a new diary and pencilled in my weight daily. It started when I rode an event horse for whom I had to be exactly the right weight; seven pounds over and he ran less well. Then I had to have the right equipment; soft yet strong boots, gloves that didn’t slip if it rained, immaculate tack, hairnet in place and, of course, no bling.

    Recently I’ve been reminded of the importance of attention to detail to achieve some success. Having dieted away eight pounds, ridden more without stirrups and straightened myself up as much as humanly possible, a win locally in a tiny grand prix might be little to crow about. But it was how I rode, how my horse tried, and the promise of more marks to be had, that was so satisfying.


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