Laura Tomlinson: ‘Accept the things we cannot change’ *H&H Plus*


Laura Tomlinson discusses positive January goal-setting amid the gloom

Happy new year first and foremost, although with the Covid-19 pandemic dragging on and, with us now back in lockdown, the first week of the year has lost a little of its usual magic. Certainly, the prospect of “dry January”, “Veganuary” or “sugar free” January are all looking rather bleak and uninspiring amid another lockdown.

I spent Christmas and new year without any of my Bechtolsheimer family for the first time ever. It was very strange, although I did have the chance to enjoy being at home with my husband and our children, with everything being just about us. I have never really been at home but not ridden any horses, so that felt strange, too, but it was also quite nice just to reboot.

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