Pammy Hutton: ‘We must identify true raw talent’ *H&H Plus*


  • Pammy Hutton on making goals for 2021 that are not dependent on shows

    Last Christmas, we were all blissfully unaware of coronavirus, how it would change the world and all our personal worlds. This year, lives and livelihoods have been lost, hospitals and hardship are in every headline, while separation from friends and family has become the sad new normal.

    It must be a miserable time for anyone who’s been forced to sell their horses – mine are what make me crawl out of bed every morning, including at Christmas. Tea and pills consumed, the pull of my horses and pupils gives me the reason to leg it into the day.

    Christmas does give one a little planning time. Even when competitions are curtailed, goals are needed, starting with that half-hour spent grooming your horse every day. For me, it’s been three horses and nine lessons five days a week; I’m not letting Covid stop me.

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